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What is dutty wasteman?

Dutty can mean ugly or disgusting

That guy is a dutty ting

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Dutty wasteman - what is it?

a man that is waste

you're a wasteman...

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What does "dutty wasteman" mean?

Literally "dirty" pronounced with a West Indian accent. Can also have a positive connotation, for example Sean Paul's album title "Dutty Rock".

"The girl is pretty but she corrupt and dutty!"

or, in a positive usage:

"Booya! That freestyle was dutty!"

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Dutty wasteman - what does it mean?

Another name for a hallowed out Dutch Master cigar filled with weed.

"Those dutties last night had me fucked up!"

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Dutty wasteman

someone who does nothing with their life, most of the time a drunken fuck up, sitting on couches in the alleyways of the London streets i.e. that breh in the 'Ave Sum Of Dat' video by DPM Recordings Ft. Shizzle, Napper and Bruza. fucking ill tune!

"youuuuuuuuuuuu WASTEMAN!!"

person 1 -"blud, look at dat geezer! hes living off booze, i bet u he hasn't got a home"
person 2 -"too right blud. he's a wasteman"

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Dutty wasteman

A boy that is worthless and has no reason to be living, can also be very stupid and selfcentered.

wasteman: Me and shanice were mashing all weekend it was sik man.
1 month later
normal man: you know shanice is pregnant ryt...
wasteman: WTF dat aint got nuffing to do wid me man she cud have been mashing pure manz behind ma bak da weekend we were together.
normal man: But you were wid her the whole weekend.
wasteman: Bun dat it aint ma kid and even if it is i aint gonna be the one raising it, if ma dad cud jus leave so can I.

If you go down to areas such as brixton you will find alot of bois that could be classified as a wasteman.

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Dutty wasteman

A wasteman is someone who doesn't provide for their children, instead fucks off taking no responsibility, also a hypocritical cunt who beats women and miss judge others who actually care for their family.

Will is a wasteman, he's got two women pregnant, got them to fist him, beat them, then fucked off without a care in the world

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Dutty wasteman

A man, who doesn't act his age, normally from a village, who spends his life in the same clothes drinking alcohol, taking drugs in the local pub, ending up at someone's kitchen, with no job or prospects and a complete disrespect for women

'Ey up mate what you get up to last night?'
'Got shitfaced mate propped up the kitchen all night sniffed coke. Still ere in fact'
'It's 4pm though dude?'
'Fuck it, u got any sniff come round'
'You're a wasteman'

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Dutty wasteman

insult - someone who does nothin with their life (or nothing much)
eg Jimmy drops out of skool and has no job and claims benefits for 5 years an still lives at home with his mum an has dirty clothes- Jimmy iz a wasteman.

"you WASTEMAN!!"

"Jamals a wasteman"

"shut up u wasteman"

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Dutty wasteman

dutty wasteman usually means a person who is a dirty waste of time or usually does nothing with their life . Dutty is used to elaborate the meaning of waste man for people you completely hate.

An example of this is : “yo bruv you heard dat tyrique is a dutty wasteman” “yeah fam he sits doing nothing with himself and no one even likes that twat”

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