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What is dun?

1.) Windows dialer- Dial Up Networking

2.) What you should Git r!

I am currently connected to the internet through DUN

Hey, Larry.

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dun - meme gif

dun meme gif

dun - video

Dun - what is it?

contraction or slang of the word done

I dun gone and made my bed

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What does "dun" mean?

Dun is background music to sing when something bad or stupid happens.

Mary: I Forgot my book
Me: Dun Dun Dun!

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Dun - what does it mean?

Slang for the lovely word "don't".

Pete: I'm going to throw your c.d.s out the window if you don't shut up!!
Self: Nu! Nu Pete, dun do it!

(Also see definition for nu.)

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Dun - meaning

came from NY
1. used to name someone like a pronoun
2. used instead of dont and doesnt

1. yo that dun over there is a lil fucker
2. i dun kno what ima do.... nah i dun feel like doin dat

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Dun - definition

slang for the word "done". Used when you have completed or quitting a task. It is also used to describe when you are bored. Nihilists often use this word. It is popular when using this word to spell it out.

Andy quit his job today, he is dun with it.

I'm D U N (dun is spelled out).

Billy Bob was dun after a night of partying.

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Dun - slang

a different way to spell done. Inspired by the smol bean, Josh Dun.


I'm so josh DUN with you

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dun- have

*me and my ole man, we dun been through hell and back but im stayin hitched.

* if i aint love you, i woulda been dun left you"

*I dun did that, i dun been there done that

*he/she/you dun got on my last nerve

* his face is dun(through)<(meaning ugly)!

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another word for don't

i dun wanna lose this game

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Part of the Queensbridge version of the "Dun" language in which words that begin with the letter S are replaced with the letter D so long as it doesn't create another already existing word. Other examples of this language are the words: dolo, doopid.

My duns handle they bidness dolo.

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