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What is dub-step?

The more convenient way to say WWE.

AJ said, "Did you catch me on dub dub yesterday?"

Kenny said, "Yeah, you lost to the Best in the World on the Biggest Stage of Them All. Now that's why we kicked you out of our Club."

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Dub-step - what is it?

(and dubya-dubya-dubya)
a shortened form of the www found in a website adress (the varient form is not commonly written or printed)

Thier adress is dub-dub-dub dot yahoo dot com.

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What does "dub-step" mean?

A more gangsta way to say "WWW" (World Wide Web). Most commonly used in the hood.

Thug 1: "Yo dogg, where'd you hear about brizzle browsin'?"

Thug 2: "Ah dogg you need to hit up dub dub dub for all that shit."

Thug 1: "Oh fo sho doggy."

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Dub-step - what does it mean?

"Dub dub dub" is short for "WWW" which in turn is an abbreviation for "World Wide Web." "WWW," however, contains nine syllables whereas "World Wide Web" contains only three. "Dub dub dub" therefore is a shortened form of an abbreviation for those who don't want to say "World Wide Web."

"Go to dub dub dub, urban dictionary dot com."

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If the Insane Clown Posse made electronic/dance music.

Dub step is stupid with its loping, syncopated beat and mishmash of faux gangster sounds.

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Worst thing that's happened to music since bieber.

Fred: Hey let's listen to dub step!

Dan: Douche.

Fred: Not cool mannn, I'm hip because I listen to this.

Dan: Na, you're just gay.

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A mixture of random noises and the occasional random word. Generally listened to by ten year-olds who think they're cool.

Example: Dub step is like wop wop wop wop wop pussy wop wop wop wop wop

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Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in south London, United Kingdom. Its overall sound has been described as "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals"

Look up bassnectar, skrillex for examples of dubstep

Guy 1: Why does this dj keep playing fucking ke$ha?

Guy 2: I don't know he should really put on some dub step.

Guy 1: That would be awesome dub step makes my ears orgasm!

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this music genre is similar to fart noises on acid

(youtube live dub step concert)

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The wrong way to properly spell "dubstep"

You spelled so wrong like a person who spells dubstep "dub-step"

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