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What is dropping knowledge bombs?

To suck a dick. To drop dome.

My boyfriend told me to pull over and drop knowledge on him.

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Dropping knowledge bombs - what is it?

Like name dropping, except with knowledge. Sprinkling your conversation with tidbits of trivia in a pathetic attempt to impress your friends.

Sandy: Is everything OK?
John: Yes, and interesting use of that word. Did you know "OK" has its origins in the Choctaw Indian language?
Sandy: Knowledge dropping. You're such an ass.

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What does "dropping knowledge bombs" mean?

rapidly imparting a signficant level of comprehension (potentially to a large group of people) with a very few words; related to nuclear bomb re: massive change to the landscape with a small but potent tool

Dude, we were arguing for hours, when Dave dropped a knowledge bomb and shut everyone up in two seconds flat.

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Dropping knowledge bombs - what does it mean?

Noun - A moment in time where a person's perspective and/or opinion is quickly and forcefully shot down, with or without good reason to do so. Usually the words "knowledge bomb" are spoken just after the incident in a falsetto voice.

Can also be used in verb form (i.e. He just got knowledge bombed, or KB'd).

"I'm trying to raise money for college." -Deb
"Your mom goes to college! Knowledge bomb..." -Kip Dynamite

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Dropping knowledge bombs

When an explosion of intelligence is dropped, and everyone who hears it intelligence increases dramatically.

Jason: Someone just told me that the longest word in the English dictionary is 45 letters long, and was created to be the longest word in the English language.

Taylor: They dropped an knowledge bomb.

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Dropping knowledge bombs

To act smart for this period of time.

Today i am gonna drop knowledge in front of the class.

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Dropping knowledge bombs

the act of completly blowing someones mind with a vast bombardment of information on the subject at hand.

goose man- i think vampires are real.

dylan- vampires are only a figment of the imaginations of people who have built up fear. it all started with the ruthless count vlad dracula aka vlad the impaler.
he was killed for being such an ass. and a few years later where his body was buried there was nothing to be found so it is thought he made a deal with the devil to become immortal and all vampires are his offspirng.

-i jsut blew your mind

^knowledge bomb^

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Dropping knowledge bombs

1.To give information or share knowledge on a subject or just life in general.

2.To teach something.

3.To give advice or share wisdom.

1. I had no idea he was a interested in history until he began to drop knowledge about the Civil Rights movement. He really knew what he was talking about!

2. Guy: I can't seem to find that article on student activism I wanted to use for my essay in the library.
Girl: I took a class on library research.
Guy: Word? Come on then, drop that knowledge!

3. My younger cousin was going through a tough time with his girlfriend, so I had to drop some knowledge his way.

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Dropping knowledge bombs

The act of supplying another individual with important information at a crucial time. The information supplied must be of some significance within the context with which it was dropped.

Mark: "I am going to Boston, but I am not sure what I am doing"

John: "Hmm, please allow me, I love "dropping knowledge" on the likes of you. There is a Red Sox game at 7:05 pm, they're playing the Rangers, you can find tickets at, there is a great restaurant around the corner, here is the number to make a reservation. You should avoid taking 93 during rush hour."

Mark: "Wow, you just dropped some serious knowledge on me!"

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Dropping knowledge bombs

When an individual drops a particularly insightful piece of knowledge on another individual in an unexpected situation causing a monumental efffect, like the effect of a bomb dropping.

Did you know that the first crusade was launched in order to pillage the holy land and increase the circulation of gold and silver coinage in northern-europe?

No i didn't, and i don't want you dropping knowledge bombs on me while im trying to shark on a girl in a nightclub

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