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What is dream man?

1. The mental processing, discarding and storing of all one's subconcious thoughts throughout the day. Occurs during sleep, rarely makes sense, easily forgotten.

2. What an idiot does when he or she believes he or she has a shot with someone hot.

see also fantasizing

"You know you can't resist me."
"Oh yeah? Keep dreaming."

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Dream man - what is it?

a wish your heart makes when youre fast asleep

alice- "i had a dream about jon last night"
kelsey- "i guess that means your heart wishes for him"

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What does "dream man" mean?

a great thing that helps you let go,
when you close your eyes you experice sometimes something great and powerfull or something evil and scary,dreams are like (people) they come and go,emotions control what is happening and sometimes you feel its to hard to let go

1st woman:"i was flaoting on a mrashmellow cloud above choclate trees, i wish i hadn't woken up,it was a wonderfu dream"
2nd woman:"it was the wors the demon was throwing fireballs at me and i was running then i reached a dead end, the demon laughed and threw a firaball at me thank goodness i woke up!i hope i dont have any more of those dreams!"

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Dream man - what does it mean?

A message that you get in your sleep that shows something really important to you that you constantly think about it.

i cant stop dreaming about this boy .. i really think ive fallen hard for him

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Dream man

A shedding of the subconscious control that humanity has placed on you. In dreams nobody but yourself can impose limitation on you, and that which can be imagined, can be so.

Dreams are the stuff life is made of.

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Dream man

You see things; and you say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

somebody said that...I don't remember who...

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Dream man

When you're asleep, you brain reaches for that hidden stash of drugs inside your head.

In my dream, I meant Sexking the sandwich keeper, who was a virgin, I got in the car and travelled with my parents to see the 4th of july christmas lights, I drove to china, I drowned in a slab of rock solid cement, some dude jacks a neighbors car and the neighbor came out and said "MY BANANNA JUST EXPLODED! GET HIM!", and my LA teacher convinced me that I was, infact, a gummi bear.

You get the idea.

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Dream man

The thing your parents and teachers encourage when you are a kid, only for it to start getting crushed by life.

Kid: "mommy, I want to be a doctor when I grow up"
Mother: "yes son you can achieve anything!"
~kid grows up to the last year of high school~
Kid:"mom I am going to be a bartender"
Mother:"what happened to your dream of wanting to become a doctor?"
Kid:"life.... and my grades"

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Dream man

Slang used for maple nut ice cream, which is extremely tasty and cherished by many African Americans.

Zeb asked Ray what he had to eat as he opened up the fridge. To Zeb's pleasant surprise, right next to the frozen hot dogs, sat a carton of black man's dream.

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Dream man

A a man who is extremely attractive both inside and out. The perfect man. A man that makes you feel so good you feel as if you are in a wonderful dream when it is in fact reality. The man's name is usually very attractive too. examples; ifeanyi, Okafor, Wilson, or Sledge

"Sledge is so intellegent, caring, honest, loyal, fun, and sexy! He is my Dream Man."

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