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What is dogs?

a person's feet

It feels so good to let my dogs out of my shoes.

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Dogs - what is it?

many dogs

Kid:" Look, mom! There dogs in our backyard!
Mom:" You're right. There are dogs in our backyard.

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What does "dogs" mean?

Australian slang for racing greyhounds, or a greyhound racing event. See also dishlickers.

I won a hundred dollars on the dogs last week.

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Dogs - what does it mean?

Commonly known as a cigarette. Dogs, refers to cigarettes. Mainly used in South Australia as well as parts of Melbourne. Also can be reffered to as Pup or Puppy. However, word can be used to excession, and can tend to annoy the average being. The question is...have you got any?

I was just wondering, have you got any dogs?
What kind you got?
I really need a dog!
Lets go have a dog!
Lets go looch up a pup!
Looch me a dog.
Lets stop and buy some puppies.

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Dogs - meaning

shite british bandwagon jumpers.
fake indie poser 30 somethings.
manufactured indie band with a penchant for clown shoes and sub-GCSE poetry.
1/5 idiot cokehead, 1/5 gollum, 1/5 fat, 1/5 looks like he has aids, 1/5 looks like alice cooper.

what the fuck is this shit on the radio?

i think it's the new single by dogs, but i can't tell cause it sounds like about 38 other bands. do you like it?

no. it's fucking terrible.

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Dogs - definition

Oxycontin. Usually the green 80mg pills, but not nessasarily.

Hey Brian, do you know where i can get some dogs?
Man, im so high i just railed like 1 and a half dogs.

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Dogs - slang

The police, or more specifically, a group of angry police on a raid. Often arresting people. This term is used in the bogan areas of Australia, and is highly derrogatory.

"Shit, the dogs are here!"
"The dogs just came in and started arresting people."

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A term to describe soldiers. It comes from them wearing dog tags.

"There go the dogs to fight another war".

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Mans best friend,comes in all shapes and sizes,always hungry,don`t talk back, constantly listening for the word bye-bye,wont ever pass up a back scratch

Fee Fee loved to go bye bye,and then have one of the nieghbor dogs push her home.

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An adjective used to describe rude, unfriendlike or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Appears to have originated at Newlands College in New Zealand.

Person 1: I gave Bob money to buy me maccas but he ate it himself.
Person 2: That's so dogs, man!

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