Definder - what does the word mean?

What is doesnt?

they are too lazy, and.or under the influence of swag.

they are too swagalicious to do so in which would mean they are lessening their swag-o-meter just to click on your profile and write something back.

"When someone doesnt post back on your wall on facebook.. "

girl: hey! how are you?
boy: (comments on wallpost) great, you?
girl: why dont you post back on my wall?
boy: (comments on wallpost) i have too much swag.

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Doesnt - what is it?

the talk of mr. T, but with some added nerd-talk. he is expressing his pity for the fools who dont like the frozen dairy product called ice cream

sam gloshen: i dont like ice cream
MR T.:i pity teh fool who doesnt like ice cream!

chris daviduk: MR T. do you pity teh fool who doesnt like ice cream?

MR T.: i pity teh fool who doesnt like ice cream!

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What does "doesnt" mean?

classification of a situation that is unpleasant. to say something is so bad there isn't anything vaguely good about it. a cloud with no silver lining.

edWord: for real though, he got herpes from that girl. messed up thing is he didnt even sleep with her...they were just spooning...

davis: ohhh man...that sucks dick and it doesnt even swallow!

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Doesnt - what does it mean?

Used by professional wrestler The Rock as a catchphase during his WWF-WWE career.

The Rock: Whats your name again?

The Dudley Boys: It its its..


Example 2:

Daniel: Hey

Adam:Cool, you okay?

Daniel: Well, i'm..


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Doesnt - meaning

it doesn't matter

it doesn't matter

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Doesnt - definition

Used by people online who are too lazy to hit the Apostrophe --> "'" button.
Proper spelling is doesn't.
See also:
dont, wont, cant, havent etc.

This doesnt make sense.

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