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What is doctor?

A man or woman who claims to be an expert but just milks you of your money and practices extortion.

He charged me $4.75 for a cup of coffee! Who does he think he is, a doctor?

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Doctor - what is it?

See playing doctor

Sybil and I were playing doctor last night.

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What does "doctor" mean?

A doctor is a person that has succeeded in research-related postgraduate studies of an extended period. Also known as a "doctor of philosophy".

Some professions such as medical practitioners, dentists, chiropractors and optometrists have more recently corrupted use of the term for their own personal ends.

"I am a doctor."

"Good, can you help me with my ingrown toenails?"

"No sorry, I'm a REAL doctor."

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Doctor - what does it mean?

This word's usage is derived from shortening "damn right" to "dr" in internet instant messaging, which is of course the abbreviation for doctor. Occassionally it may be said so quickly and with so much aggression as to be pronounced "dotter".

Friend: Man, I really need to take a shower.
Me: Doctor you do.

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Doctor - meaning

Someone who received 8 years of training in the art of deductive guessing and suffers from the mental condition called "I must be god".

Sometimes God thinks he's a doctor.

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Doctor - definition

licensed drug dealer

Why get in trouble with cops and criminals when you can get your fix legally from a doctor?

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Doctor - slang

A med school graduate

Somehow commands a level of prestige in society beyond his means.

Person A: "I am a doctor"


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Someone who has spent 11-16 years of training after high school and over hundreds of thousands of dollars to become certified as a doctor.

Because of medical malpractice lawsuits, medicare, medicaid doctors salaries are declining.

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A Doctor is someone who goes to school for up to 16 years after they graduate high school, only to lose their job and liscense on their first day because some family filed a malpractice lawsuit because he couldn't save their doomed-in-the-first-place family member.

Jon went to school until he was 32 to become a Doctor, but on his first day when he failed to save his patient who had a failing liver and could not have been saved anyway, the family filed a malpractice lawsuit against him and he lost his job, liscense to practice, 16 years of his life, and several hundred thousand dollars in school tuition fees. Isn't the American Legal System great?

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Someone who puts up with an ever more impatient public demanding quick fixes for innocuous conditions while facing scrutiny from those who judge service, cost-accountability, and adherence to legal definitions of medicine.

Doctors usually give up being caregivers when they meet people who provide definitions in

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