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What is ditches?

When you make plans with someone to do something but then after you made the plans you cancel them and do something else with a different person. Some people think ditching is when you invite someone somewhere and they can't come but it's not.

That's so rude Lindsey is ditching us for Emily! She is so obsessed with her!

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Ditches - what is it?

When you ask your buddy to pick you up and he tells you he'll be there soon. He says he's doing something else and he'll come later, then he just does it again and again.

AAAJ:Hey bud can you come drive me to this banger?Murph: Yeah I will be there in 20 I'm just changing my break pads on my piece of shit truck.

AAAJ: its been an hour and a half, where are you?
Murph: take a deep fucking breath I'll be there in 15.
AAAJ: Ahhhhhh I"m getting ditched

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What does "ditches" mean?

to ditch means to be left or abandoned by your gurlfriend or boyfriend. They leave/abandon u because either;

a. they are bored of you
b. they think its a nicer way to break up
c. they are avoiding you because of something bad they did
d. they hate you and never want to see you again
e. they found someone better than you
f. they are immensely annoyed of you and want to spend time with other people
g. they want "SPACE" from you

all these reasons can lead to major breakdowns for the person being ditched. also they may feel unloved, uncared for and unwanted.

they can feel depressed, sad or upset. they will also say plenty of stupid things that they don't mean. if the person being "ditched" is very sensitive then it can lead to a bigger fight, especially if BOTH the people in the relationship is sensitive to not being treated properly. they are getting upset because they cannot stand being witout their gurlfriend/boyfriend for a long time. they might love each other very much, but both people hav to agree on the relationship for it to work.

overall being ditched isnt a good feeling but it happens to everyone at least once in life. it might feel like the end of the world..

but you never kno

hold strong and it will work out (:

matt: "huh? when?!"
mett: "ermm... uhh...."

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Ditches - what does it mean?

To leave someone or a group of people suddenly, often without their knowledge, making it all the more comical. Whoever said it comes from the German word dich is and idiot because dich means "you".

The German word dich has nothing to do with the English word ditch, numbnuts!

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To leave a person, place, or group of people suddenly and unexpectedly to hang out with someone else, somewhere else, or to go to another large gathering.

"I'm tired of her ditching us all the time for her boyfriend."

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To leave something that is not finished.
To ditch a person is to leave them;
prefabley to run in the opposite direction!

Awww man me and Max were like totally spraying-up the high school board; and then ol' crawford comes!
I totally ditched max 'n' did a runner!

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Run away from, abandon, someone/a situation, usually not a good thing. Usually without one's knowledge.

"They ditched him while he was watching a movie."
"This is really boring, let's ditch"

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To ditch somebody is to leave them behind without warning.

I can't believe that bitch Audrey tried ditching me for Brandon's party!!

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A group combined of bitches and douches.

One might use this phrase while refering to their highschool classmates, or their co-workers; occasionally used while under a slight intoxication.

"God, our school is full of ditches."

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A combination of guys who act like dicks and girls who act like bitches.

I can't believe that bag of ditches. Those guys and their girlfriends were seriously rude.

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