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What is distinct?

The politically correct word to describe homosexuals, because “gay” applies strictly to males and “lesbian” applies strictly to females.

“I’m here, I’m queer and I got a beer!” - Mickey

“Who are you? Do you like women?” - Kent

“No, Kent. Mickey acknowledged that he’s openly gay, or sexually distinctive. I believe he was born that way.” - Robert

Sexually distinctive? I love it! Now I’ll definitely embrace who I am as an individual.” - Mickey

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Distinct - what is it?

The phenomenon of watching an actor in a film or TV show on your television and then randomly clicking over to another channel and seeing them in a different film or TV show airing at the same time (the frequency of the phenomenon has increased with the advent of 1000's of cable channels.)

"Dan...HBO is showing Highlander and USA Networks is showing Fortress!...Christopher Lambert Dubious Distinction!!!"

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What does "distinct" mean?

A valid synonym for "masturbation", usually used to bypass moderative systems.

It can also be used as a replacement for *fap*.

Yeah, so I had a distinctively heated argument last night. The opponent was very competitive, and we debated for a good hour or so, but I eventually won the argument by bringing up respectable views and opinions on the matter at hand.


"Oh, man, that's some good porn. *has a distinctively heated argument with one's self*"

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Distinct - what does it mean?

A case where an otherwise attractive person has little definition between the lower jaw and neck due to a small or recessed chin.

How was your blind date, was she cute?

Kinda, but she had a vague distinction.

Man, that's too bad.

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Distinct - meaning

A gastrocnemius that is so stellar that words do not justice when describing them.

After that sled push, Harold has Calves of Distinction.

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Distinct - definition

When a person or "people" find your online post humorous wait until you--- "the poster" is offline so they can re-post your bulletin without giving any credit to the original poster (eg: You) with minimal repercussions.

This situation commonly presents itself when either
1. ur too drunk to deal with (ppl r scared of u!)
2. they hate u! but like what u post and want to re-post using their other profile. (which make the distinction null and void) and they rape all the credit.
3.They r too drunk to remember or copy paste the original poster!
4.If your post succeeds in being posted u have achieved the Countdown to Distinction "DiStinktion"
If reposter change the video size to larger than ur original post...they fail! but so do u for having them on ur friends list~

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Distinct - slang

A word used to describe a favourable situation. A substitute for such words as: awesome, great, fantastic, good, amazing, cool.

Jessica: Let's go to the fair Marco, it'll be bangin'!
Marco: The fair's back in town? This is going to be well distinction.

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Multiple characteristics or qualities that a person or thing has that differentiate it from other people or things

Each state in the United States has their own distinctives.

Every president of the United States has possessed their own individual distinctives in relation to domestic and foreign policy.

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distinct: noticeably different

In part because of geographical differences, distinct regional lifestyles developed.

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