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What is dimensions?

1. The depth or thickness of a real object.
2. A metaphor for LSD, at least in the minds of certain cartoonists.

"The third dimension is a theoretical realm of space and time in which the particles and dark matter of this parallel, alternate reality bends light to collide with the electrical charges of the subconscious mind. What is light becomes dark. What is dark becomes light. Some look into the third dimension and see nothingness; others believe they see the very face of God." - Fluffy Thing, Intermission in the Third Dimension

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Dimensions - what is it?

Any one of the six beings forged out of space, time, light, darkness, life, energy, and matter at the start of every universe. They usually serve as mercenaries, assassins for hire, or bounty hunters. The six members are Z, D, P, S, N, and J. Though not humans, they do appear as such. Their godlike powers are virtually unrivaled in all the dimensions. They're pretty damn badass.

Me: Am I the only one that thinks the Dimension Masters are gay? ...No?

My friend: Shut the fuck up, man. They're more badass than the Avengers!

Other friend: They could totally kick Satan's ass any day!

Me: If you say so...

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What does "dimensions" mean?

The fourth dimension is time, as defined by Einstein in regards to the Theories of Relativity. The Spatial dimensions are those of height, length, and depth. The fourth dimension can be related to a hypercube, much as the first dimension is related to a line, the second two lines connected at perpendicual angles to one another, and the third dimension being a cube. The fourth dimension is(sometimes) associated with the space-time continuum.

It is truly inane to travel to a universe that is based only upon the fourth dimension, as that woould include only time, and no being could truly exist.

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Dimensions - what does it mean?

The only place worse than hell, huge lumps of shit on the ground with the atmosphere being filled with fart

shut the fuck up bitch hoe before i send yo ass to the poop dimension

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Dimensions - meaning

Slang for the dime, when your speaking in terms of weight compared to price. Like a twenty is to dub, a ten is a dimension.

ex. Yo, we tryin' to smoke tonight. Let me get a dimension of that grizzy famo.

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Dimensions - definition

Pronunciation: DΔ“men-shuns

A plane of existence often compared with geometrical shapes. There are a total of 26 spacial dimensions according to theoretical physics. However, pop culture has twisted its meaning and associate dimensions with universes. For example, travelling to a different dimension is usually thought of as travelling to a different universe. The term "Interdimensional" supports this claim by having a connotation related to that of the multiverse. It is important to understand the difference between these two, because movies and TV shows are getting the science of theoretical and astrophysics wrong.

Friend: Bro, did you watch "Phineas and Ferb; Across the Second Dimension"? It was LIT!
Me: Yeah, but the title is incorrect in so many levels. First off,the animation is in 2d. That's like saying humans reaching the 3rd dimension. Second,they meant universe. A dimension is a plane of existence,not a universe. Pop culture keeps getting that wrong. And finally, it shouldn't even be a universe. The laws of physics in that second universe would be incompatible for the lead cast members. It should be called an alternate timeline, in which Dr.Doofenschmirtz succeeds at dominating the Tri-State area (even though he can go bigger and dominate the world, he does have the technology to do so).
Friend: I think you've been reading "Hyperspace" far too many times, you're overthinking a kids movie.

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Dimensions - slang

After you've drinken alot you seem to have entered another dimension. Where the world is a paradox and Britney Spears is hot.

After nine caronas it seems im in another dimension, where my head is spinning and my grandma over there is starting to look pretty hot!

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1. dimension (n) pl. dimensions: A specification of the spatial and directional limits of a given space, designated by a number representing the maximum number of lines in said instance of geometric space that can possibly exist such that the angle between any one of them and any other one of them is a right angle (also designated by the minimum number of points needed to define it minus one).
2. dimension (n) pl. dimensions: A category of related units of measurement that can be converted to one another from one another.
3. dimension (n) pl. dimensions: An alternate universe or a parallel universe, the latter usually referred to in fiction.

Definition 1 example: A plane exists in 2 dimensions because only 2 lines at a time can be mutually perpendicular in it.
Definition 2 example: The dimensions in question in the formula for speed are distance and time.
Definition 3 example: In this other dimension, the strange people with giant hands did things vastly differently.

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To say that someone has dimensions is another way to say that someone is an arsehole. Stemmed from the colloquial phrase noting that someone's 'interesting'...

"What do you think of my new Jamaican girlfriend mum?"
"She has dimensions... *bitch!*"

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A creative way of speaking about sexual parts

Eg. "His dimensions were seriously disappointing" or, "She had good dimensions up top, not a bad package all up."

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