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What is describe?

When a television station describes characters to those who are visually impaired. Also the thing Can dace knows nothing about and mistakes for narration.

There is 3 people standing by a door. two women and a man. one is Candace facing the tv on set. She speaks trying to say a television show is in described video. A second male on stage is laying on a coutch. he is attempting to prove her wrong because the television show is really just being narrated

or Several people are visible in the picture, in particular, four women in the foreground who are facing the camera.

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Describe - what is it?

Describation is the describing of descriptions.

Tom: "So what did she say Jim?"

Jim: "Well, she said that you were tall, dark, and handsome.

Tom: "That's good news...good describations."

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What does "describe" mean?

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Can you Describe what genocide means?

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