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What is denial?

The first sign that you are a Trekkie. Trekkie

I know I'm not a Trekkie...if you chose to call me one, I can't change your mind. I've been trying for months now and nothing works.

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Denial - what is it?

Something you go into when something is extremely wrong and you know it but choose not to admit that something is true.

Larry: Hey there Girlfriend
Bob: Im a guy
Larry: like whatever
Bob:You are really gay Larry.
Larry: I am not
Bob: You are in denial

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What does "denial" mean?

An acronym that stands for Don't Even (K)Now I Am Lying, as when a person is so self-deceived that they totally believe their own falsehoods.

You keep telling me you can drink and drive, but after running over that skateboarder I think it is time for you to admit you have been in denial.

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Denial - what does it mean?

What you are accused of being in when whenever you contradict a baseless claim made by an idiot who couldn't otherwise win a debate against a Cheeto.

You: I'm not sure I agree with President Obama's position on the White Sox. I'm more of a Yankees fan.

Idiot: RACIST! The only reason you don't support his team is because HE'S BLACK!

You: Uh, what? I'm not a racist. I'm just not a White Sox guy.

Idiot: Ah...a racist in denial. Why don't you just admit it?

You: Look, I was adopted and raised by black parents. I have two brothers who are black. I love my family. Hell, most of the girls I've dated have been black. I spent three years in Kenya building water treatment facilities for black villagers. I am NOT a racist.

Idiot: Typical. 'Some of my best friends are black.' Yeah, right. You racist piece of crap. Maybe if you weren't in denial about it, I'd believe you.

You: Uh, what...?

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Refusing to accept the truth.

Not only a river in Egypt.

Chris is in serious denial of his homosexual desires, at least publicly.

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A river in Egypt.

Or a refusal to accept something.

Or both.

That Egyptian claims he is dry, but he is clearly in denial.

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1: refusal to admit the truth or reality (as of a statement or charge) 2: assertion that an allegation is false

Some dude told me I was fat…I know I’m chunky…but I didn’t think I was that bad off

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The psychological shadow of dishonesty, it is the willing exchange of the truth for a lie, because the lie is more palatable.

Those in denial can concoct even the strangest of fictions, but the Truth is stranger than Fiction; for we have made the Fiction to suit ourselves.

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A psychological defense mechanism initiated by the psyche to temporarily suppress awareness of a deluded self-concept.

Denial may be understood as an attempt to reject unacceptable feelings, needs, thoughts, wishes, or even a painful external reality that alters our perception of ourselves. This psychological defense mechanism protects us temporarily from:
* Knowledge (things we don’t want to know)
* Insight or awareness that threatens our self-esteem; or our mental or physical health; or our security (things we don't want to think about)
* Unacceptable feelings (things we don’t want to feel)

Some of the forms of denial: rationalization, minimizing or discounting, evasion and displacement, exaggerated emotional responses, projection or blaming, intellectualization, repression, rhetorical ploys, and logical fallacies.

"I won't think about that today" was Scarlet O'Hara's use of repression as a form of denial. (from Gone With The Wind)

"I only drink beer, not the hard stuff so it's no big deal" is Joe's use of minimizing as a form of denial.

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Denial (psychological)

Denial consists of the refusal to accept a past or present reality and is most commonly employed to protect the host from their own negative traits; to protect them from the repeated memories of the negative actions of another or to avoid recognising their own guilt for past actions, thoughts or feelings.

It is a self defence mechanism employed by aspects of the subconscious mind in an attempt to protect emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Denial can be a scary and very sad thing to witness in someone that you love or care about; it is generally very difficult to help someone see the truth and especially for them to truly believe and accept that reality on a long term basis.

People deny responsibility every day for a number of things; but denial itself goes far deeper into the psyche than that. While people in denial generally still have the seed of truth still buried within their heads, they generally cannot believe that it is the truth even when confronted with it. This is due to the mind in effect rewriting or superimposing a more acceptable reality over the original memory.

Even with abject proof of an events occurrence, someone in denial is highly unlikely to fully accept the particular reality that their mind has decided they cannot cope with. They are more likely in that instance to use projection or minimisation or to continue or revert back to being in full blown denial.

Are you in denial about your “ability to give a shit”?

Do you deny your cruel words?
Do you deny that you are selfish?
Do you deny that you are shallow?
Do you deny that you lied to me about love?
Do you deny any blame for your own actions?
Do you deny guilt for cheating with your mind?
Do you deny that you chose to go back there of all places just after my birthday to spite me and therefore met him out of your own negativity, selfishness and transference of trust issues?
Do you deny that the only person you will ever really care about is yourself?


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