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What is democracy?

Taken from the Greek 'demos' and 'kratos' ('people' and 'power' respectively), it refers to the system of government in which the entire population effectively rules through a concentrated body which relies on the population's opinion as a source for its policies.

The French Revolution was sparked by ideals of liberty and democracy for all.

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Democracy - what is it?

A non existant form of government in which every citizen would have a vote on every issue.
Unfortunately impossible to exist on a scale larger then a village due to massive stupidity of general public.

We had a democracy and so we selected our leader by popular vote not electoral college.

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What does "democracy" mean?

The notion that millions who cannot order their own lives properly are somehow still at least minimally qualified to participate in the ordering of the lives of millions.

Often heard in a democracy: "Hey, where are we going? And what's with this handbasket?"

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Democracy - what does it mean?

A form of government which America has never been in. In a democracy we would vote and popular vote would decide our president.

In our form of governemnt, a republic, we elect representatives which then get to vote with "our interests at heart".,

America is not a democracy you dumb fucks, it's a Republic.

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Any of a number of forms of government which at their core have some degree of decision-making performed by a system of voting. Exactly who can vote (franchisement) often varies quite widely, and has historically in many countries been divided along lines of age, gender, religion, economic status, class, race, ethnic group, language, nationality, and citizenship. The degree of participation can also vary. A direct democracy, for example, would in principle have all decisions made by popular vote. Most democratic nations use some form of representative democracy, whereby voters designate certain people or groups to make decisions for them.

Though both the United States and the United Kingdom have democratic elements, their political systems are quite different.

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Something United States of America politicians claims the country is built on, while every single day they make every effort to undermine it.

The public doesn't war, politicians want war, means there will be war, because it's "democracy".

The public wants tax cuts, politicians want tax raises, means there will be tax raises, because it's "democracy".
The public wants weed, the politicians don't want weed, means if they'll find you possesing it, you'll be locked up for life, cause this is a "democracy"!

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"The worst system, except for all the others"

Winston Churchill

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A form of government that works, but not well.

Democracy relies on the public. The public is stupid.

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A form of government where the leader is chosen by popularity rather than ability to run a country.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again; democracy simply doesn't work."
-Kent Brockman

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Four wolves and one lamb voting on lunch.

Democracy is unfair at times.

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