Definder - what does the word mean?

What is deji?

Deji is an attention seeking hypocrite who doesn't appreciate his brother and wanks over viewing numbers...... Nigger coon

Deji is a nigger coon fuck him

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Deji - what is it?

Deji is the little brother of ksi. That is what he is

Ex: hi deji. I meant hi little brother of ksi

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What does "deji" mean?

a gay black boy who smokes weed and skates

Deji stop sucking at skating

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Deji - what does it mean?

A gay pussy who somehow gained 9m subscribers from YouTube by sucking KSI's (his brother) cock.

Jack:Look it's deji!
Patrick:isn't that the guy who fucked his own brother?
Jack:Yeah, it is

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Often seen sporting a smafro, with a tendancy to be extremely clever and funny, whilst somehow not having a fucking clue what is going on. Used to describe the running of a ball out of bounds on a pitch. (Can also be used to refer to an astounding piece of flukey luck in online football competitions)

1. "Where's he going with that fecking ball?"
*sigh* "He's doing a deji" :(

2. "How the fuck did you get 200pts clear after zero weeks despite picking a player who no longer plays for that club (RONALDORONALDORONALDO)
"He did a deji"

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When someone is being a fuckhead

your such a deji or keith is such a deji

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A really good poop that you take. Smooth, brown, well formed logs, with a potent stink and a lot of farting.

Tyler:Dude, I just took a major deji in the toilets at best buy. My whole intestinal tract feels clean!

Brett: Wooo! A deji? Bet it stank!

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Deji is a Nigger coon who doesn’t appreciate Randolph

HOLY SHIT that must be a deji because hes Nigger coon

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A youroba language meaning for
Your joy will come twice

I got two cakes because of my deji.

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An african / british youtuber who has seeked popularity from his brother KSI. Deji has had a car accident, fought Jake Paul and lost and had been on 9.7 million subscribers for 6 months and counting making him the longest youtuber on 9.7 million subscribers

“Deji has kicked his brother out of his house” keemstar said.

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