Definder - what does the word mean?

What is deji?

Deji is an attention seeking hypocrite who doesn't appreciate his brother and wanks over viewing numbers...... Nigger coon

Deji is a nigger coon fuck him

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Deji - what is it?

a gay black boy who smokes weed and skates

Deji stop sucking at skating

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What does "deji" mean?

A gay pussy who somehow gained 9m subscribers from YouTube by sucking KSI's (his brother) cock.

Jack:Look it's deji!
Patrick:isn't that the guy who fucked his own brother?
Jack:Yeah, it is

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Deji - what does it mean?

Often seen sporting a smafro, with a tendancy to be extremely clever and funny, whilst somehow not having a fucking clue what is going on. Used to describe the running of a ball out of bounds on a pitch. (Can also be used to refer to an astounding piece of flukey luck in online football competitions)

1. "Where's he going with that fecking ball?"
*sigh* "He's doing a deji" :(

2. "How the fuck did you get 200pts clear after zero weeks despite picking a player who no longer plays for that club (RONALDORONALDORONALDO)
"He did a deji"

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Deji a coon who loves fighting his brother KSI, he is known as the only youtuber to be stuck on 9.7 milllion subs for many months and more to come!

"He kept me in a dark place"

"I don't like being seen the bad guy"

"I am nigger" - Deji 2019

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When someone is being a fuckhead

your such a deji or keith is such a deji

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Deji is a Nigger coon who doesn’t appreciate Randolph

HOLY SHIT that must be a deji because hes Nigger coon

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A youroba language meaning for
Your joy will come twice

I got two cakes because of my deji.

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A really good poop that you take. Smooth, brown, well formed logs, with a potent stink and a lot of farting.

Tyler:Dude, I just took a major deji in the toilets at best buy. My whole intestinal tract feels clean!

Brett: Wooo! A deji? Bet it stank!

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An african / british youtuber who has seeked popularity from his brother KSI. Deji has had a car accident, fought Jake Paul and lost and had been on 9.7 million subscribers for 6 months and counting making him the longest youtuber on 9.7 million subscribers

“Deji has kicked his brother out of his house” keemstar said.

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