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What is defacate?

A twisted clown who unleashes their evil by defacating on people's property, often objects with obvious sentimental value.

Max was a long time defacator but his twisted scheme came crashing down when he was caught mid loaf, unloading his payload into the cup on the the 18th green at Pebble Beach Golf Course.

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Defacate - what is it?

To remove your profile from Facebook.

A: I'll send you a message on Facebook.
B: Don't bother. I defaced yesterday. I'm sick of being a facebook slut.

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What does "defacate" mean?

what a hacker usually does to someone's website

why did you have to do such a bad job at defacing microsoft's website?!

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Defacate - what does it mean?

To ruin a picture of something, esspecially that of someone's face.

Because my brother is against PETA he defaced all their anti-fur ads.

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Defacate - meaning

Deactivating your facebook account when you are mad, drunk or feeling sorry for yourself.

Mark: So many people deleting their facebook accounts lately.
Craig: Yeah they just defacing, it must be that time of the month.. don't worry they will be back next week...

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Defacate - definition

Being removed as a Facebook friend.

1. After I broke up with her she defaced me. Can you believe that bitch?

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Defacate - slang

The act in which a domain or site's home page directory contents have been removed and replaced with something else that wasn't intentional by the owner or sysop of the site. This is known as being defaced (hacked), and can be done by finding vulnerabilities on the server (IIS) which hosts the site/domain. You can view a list of defaced sites by visiting the following link

I will deface your site. has been defaced once again.

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To void feces from the bowels.

I was so scared I defacated my pants!

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To remove a 'friendship' from facebook due to having either accidentily adding him/her as a friend or actually adding them and reconsidering later.

"Yeah, there was this guy in my network who added me. I thought he looked ok, but his updates were really cramping my news feed, so I had to deface him."

"I went on a date with a girl I met a week before and like the day after our date she changed her status to 'in a relationship.' I defaced her."

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To push a log from your anus.

I gotta defacate!

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