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What is couple goals?

when you are a very sexy professional footballer and you share your gf with another very sexy professional footballer

Eriksen is the sexiest man itw. Also couple goals.

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Couple goals - what is it?

Julia and Shaniya

Julia and Shaniya are couple goals

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What does "couple goals" mean?

katrina O'connell and Chase Holmes

omg katrina anc chase are such couple goals

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Couple goals - what does it mean?

Dalen and Olivia are couple goals

Did you see that pic They are couple goals

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Couple goals - meaning

Couple goals is a relationship that is "perfect".

Ry and Aubin are couple goals

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Couple goals - definition

A couple that’s seen as best friends and lovers. Two people that can have fun with one another but show their love at the same time. Much Like Brandon and Danielle.

Damn, Brandon and Danielle are couple goals.

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Couple goals - slang

Courtney and Eloise

Oh my goodness, Courtney and Eloise are such couple goals

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Couple goals

"That" couple that has it all. Non-stop laughter, cute AF and you just know they've got a bangin sex life.

Did you see their latest YouTube video where Rose scores goals to see Rosie's boobs? Rose and Rosie are couple goals AF.

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Couple goals

Kateina and Chase

katrina and chase are such couple goals

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Couple goals

When u have a perfect relationship with one another. Barely any fights, lots of laughter, lots of love

OMG Chelsea and Irvin are couple goals

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