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What is couple goals?

targets you want to reach in relationships, life, ect.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are goals

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Couple goals - what is it?

What every white girl says when they see any couple online or in public.

Person 1: "Oh look at that cute couple over there!"
Person 2: "Aw, they're holding hands!"
Person 1: "That is so Goals!"
Person 2: "I know, right? Goals!"

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What does "couple goals" mean?

What dumbass girls say to eachother on Instagram when someone posts a pic that is very attractive or is of something they aspire to, like a relationship. It's basically a way of sucking up to someone and it's almost as annoying and shallow as when girls post shit like "omg stop being so perf!" and then of course the required response is "no that's you bb 😘" and it goes back and forth like that. Both examples are typically found thoroughly nauseating by non-sheeple types and those who don't seek validation via Instagram likes

Popular Bitch: *posts totally staged and/or photoshopped "spontaneous" selfie*

Less Popular Wannabe: "OMG GOALS!! Can u like stop being so pretty?"

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Couple goals - what does it mean?

Julia and Shaniya

Julia and Shaniya are couple goals

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Couple goals

Kateina and Chase

katrina and chase are such couple goals

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Couple goals

Couple goals is a relationship that is "perfect".

Ry and Aubin are couple goals

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Couple goals

Dalen and Olivia are couple goals

Did you see that pic They are couple goals

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Couple goals

A couple that’s seen as best friends and lovers. Two people that can have fun with one another but show their love at the same time. Much Like Brandon and Danielle.

Damn, Brandon and Danielle are couple goals.

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Couple goals

katrina O'connell and Chase Holmes

omg katrina anc chase are such couple goals

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Couple goals

"That" couple that has it all. Non-stop laughter, cute AF and you just know they've got a bangin sex life.

Did you see their latest YouTube video where Rose scores goals to see Rosie's boobs? Rose and Rosie are couple goals AF.

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