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What is countries?

A type a music that is good and often stereotyped as for only hicks, rednecks, farmers, etc. This stereotype isn't true. Most songs are played with an acoustic guitar. Most major players in the genre are solo, not in a group.

Girl: Hey put on some country.
Boy: I am not a hick.
Girl: It's over. I hate you.

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Countries - what is it?

followed by someone, usually an entertainer, who is old/irrelevant/whatever

derived from the movie No Country for Old Men

No Country for LL Cool J, No Country for Dick Cheney, etc, etc.

also, I didn't write the definition for cocknoose on this site. No country for that kid b

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What does "countries" mean?

A type of music.
Not the new age kind thats mixed with a little bit of pop
True country artists are people like:Johnny Cash,Hank Williams,Waylon Jennings,Willie Nelson,Dolly Parton, Etc.

Girl1:OMG I LOVE TOBY KEITH!He makes me love Country Music
Girl2:OMG Thats not Country thats just some retarded pop song!Listen to some Hank Williams And then youll know what country

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Countries - what does it mean?

a place, a state of mind

I live in the country and I listen to country music. America is the country I live in.

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Countries - meaning

a genre of american music developed in the southern united states, with its roots in english and irish folk tunes, african-american blues stylings, and gospel. usually incorporates quavering vocals, fiddles, guitars, and southern accents. used to be decent(think patsy cline, loretta lynn) has now generally deteriorated into radio-friendly, predictable, over-done, poorly rhymed little ditties that all sound alike.

i love my patsy, but who in sam hill is this tim mcgraw guy?

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Countries - definition

A region of the world. With it's own goverment.

USA, Norway, and India

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Countries - slang

Contrast: City suburbia

Not like the city because it's quiet, not like suburbia because you don't feel like you're going to explode due to boredom and utter lack of greenery (lawns not withstanding)

A generally quiet region of the world many people choose to live in due to it's tranquility and closeness with nature. Sometimes refered to as and are actually similar to "the boons" and "the bush" or "the sticks".

A.K.A: Middle of Nowhere.

Canadian prairies do not count, unless you already pre-exist there, at which point you ENJOY the miles and miles of absolute nothing. (see SaskatchewanManitobaAlberta)

A good place to get away from it all. (exception: Saskatchewan)

Good examples include the cottage COUNTRY, north of Toronto or Algonquin park (for camping), also includes areas WAY north of Montreal and BC mountain ranges. Areas between Kingston and Toronto are country, werein people live quiet solitary lives with schools in of only 900 people, from K to gr.12.

What we learn from Suburbs, Country and City is that there IS NO PERFECT PLACE TO LIVE.

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An area in which a gang mainly sells there drugs

Dealer-β€˜wanna go country’
Other dealer-β€˜sure why not’

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Term used by GIs in Vietnam to describe their tour of duty.

"Saddle up boys, we'll be in country at 0100"

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The reason the world hates each other.

Egad! A country! Blow it up, Smith!

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