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What is copulate?

An euphemism for the much cruder: fucker, sometimes: mother fucker

Leaving the Quick Stop market with his 12-pack, Elmer bid farewell to the doof at the register: 'See ya' later, copulator!'

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Copulate - what is it?

having sex with a police officer

That's one hot police officer and I want to copulate so bad!

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What does "copulate" mean?

to have illicit intercourse with a serving police officer

sgt. cryer told thunderthighs that if she let him copulate with herin the panda, then he would'nt charge her with

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Copulate - what does it mean?

To fornicate, an act usually followed by a steamy excrement of relief. Well, for me anyway.

I copulated with your aunties and then defecated on their bed in response to my pleasure.

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This is a contraction of, " Cop you are late." As we all know, cops aren't the most timely when it comes to an emergency situation and often times show up later than we'd prefer depending on the severity of the situation in question.

Susan: "Copulate and now he's gone."

Officer: "Can you describe the assailant."

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The act of two police cars parked next to one another with their driver side windows down so that the oral communications can take place between officers.

Sergeant Ingrid Blue was seriously upset and charged Sergeant Dick Peters with willful flatufellation after they had copulated in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts for over an hour.

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is sexual intercourse

wanna copulate with me

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To copulate: to engage in sexual intercourses.
It is extremely famous among the young and aristocratic jet set of french and italian people living in Barcelona (also known as Modus Copulandi).

Please, bear in mind that you cannot copulate with any animal or a vegetable. The aristocratic world would not allow it.

"- Hey, where is your friend?
- Well, he´s not here he is copulating with your sister!
- What?
- Yes he copulate like a donkey
- He is such a penis (the French-Italian Jet Set of Barcelona also use penis instead of Dick)"

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Sexual intercourse.

'Tis better to copulate than never.

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to have sexual intercoarse

copulate with me ela

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