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What is conic?

basically meaning legendary. a form of iconic but sexier. way sexier. it's used by many hot people.

"omg that was so conic."
"did u see leah's hair, it's conic."

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Conic - what is it?

A cone shaped bra

Damn cardi got that conical bra lookin like a million bucks

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What does "conic" mean?

A really stupid pun. Originally comes from a really bad joke about coffee cups.

Make like a tree and leave.

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Conic - what does it mean?

A circle with a radius of zero. Therefore, when it is graphed, the only thing present is its midpoint.

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Conic - meaning

Woman who has a physical appearance of thin upperbody and very large arse. Predominantly found above the age of 22.

"Oi, Lee. I'd have done your Ma by now if she wasn't such a conical flask"!

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Conic - definition

cobmination of prefix co- meaning jointly and root -nice meaning pleasing; agreeable; delightful.

thus rendering jointly pleasing.

"raspberry and cream are conice, but each i hate on it's own"

"coeducation, that some conice ass in the hallways"

"conicely located upon the tops of the highest peaks in the range, the northwestern pacific tree octopusi gives a spectacular display of the coordination"

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Conic - slang

Having the shape of a cone

The cookiecutter shark has a short conical snout.

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