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What is concave?

After a relationship break up, there is a caving in between the two, mend the relationship, find a solution with arguments, texts, photos, videos, swearing, leverage, until they get together. Repeating the cycle.

Margaret is having concave reflex, she just broke up with Raphael, and now she is calling him constantly.. Poor thing..

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Concave - what is it?

Gay man who fucks his partner. His cock makes the other guys turd concave.

Joe hold still I going to push it up you tonight and make your turd concave.

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What does "concave" mean?

A person who has a butt that is soooooooo flatt it concaves

Amy: " Omg have you seen Jessica's ass? Like I get she is trying to be a skinny queen but she literally has a concave ass!"
Emmy: "A what?"
Amy: "A concave ass yanno it's soo flatt it just reverts back into her body"
Emmy: "Oh gotchu she out skinnied the rest of us"

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Concave - what does it mean?

Female genitalia. Ussually belonging to the chick who lives with four frat boys and isn't overly offended by the constant mangled vagina, donkey fluffing, or XTREME(yes, you have to pronounce it with enthusiasm) hand-job references. Also may have mastered the art of vagina shadow puppets.

My concave penis is bigger than yours.

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Concave - meaning

Where a persons titties are SO flat, they go back inside of them.

That girl has such concave titties, or are those dimples?

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Concave - definition

1. holes you get in your teeth when you eat too much sugar.
2. happy or sad curves on a graph determined by a sighn graph.

check out those sweet concavities...isn't calculus slammin?!

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Concave - slang

When someone's head is concaved inwards like a brainlet or as if you dont have a brain. Used to diss someone for being a retard or as a threat.

"Yo Jimmy, you know that Nick guy? He's so fkn concave"

"Nick, watch your mouth or I will make you concave"

"Pass me the cheeky Nandos or I will concave your head"

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When a girl or guy has a part of their body like their stomach or love handles that curve out excesively. Most likely not to descirbe a nice ass or big tits.

Eww! That girl is so concave! I think i just went blind!

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