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What is complete idiot?

A Donald Trump supporter

Only a complete and total idiot would vote for Donald Trump.

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complete idiot - video

Complete idiot - what is it?

Exactly as the name suggests. This person is so incredibly stupid, that he has no understanding of anything whatsoever, therefore making this person nothing else but a waste of oxygen.

Hey, do you like John?
-No, he is a complete fucking idiot.

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What does "complete idiot" mean?


You are a complete fucking idiot

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Complete idiot - what does it mean?

People who post nudes on their story

Have you seen that complete idiot lately

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Complete idiot - meaning

1. Idiot
2. Mental Incompetent.
3. Stupid Person

A person who is a complete idiot, is not just doing 1 idiotic act, which would only make them an idiot. To be a complete idiot you must perform a series of stupid actions.

Uncle: Look at that man, he just finished playing 'ding-dong-ditch' on his own house.

Neighbor: Oh, don't worry about Dale, he is just a complete idiot.

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