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What is come around?

The act of offering up unwanted hot food in group settings to ravenous yet dirty individuals, such as a campfire or hobo camp.

Le Cook: Got enough for a Mac n' Cheese come around! Who wants some of my saucy cheese noodles?!

All: Dope!

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Come around - what is it?

A form of severe intestinal illness spread by sharing cheese drenched noodles with a community spoon of questionable cleanliness, usually while backpacking.

Dude, my stomach feels like a spoiled packet of mountain house eggs... must have the mac n' cheese come around from those campfire leftovers last night!

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What does "come around" mean?

A well-known phrase that’s very applicable today to our 45th POTUS and the impeachment inquiry which essentially means that if you treat others badly, it will come back to you eventually.

Well my dearest Benedict Donald, what goes around comes around.

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Come around - what does it mean?

Penitentary jargon;karma- 'good or bad';"you will reap what you sow";

Okay Bugs,"You snitched on me"! Remember this,"What goes around comes around"!

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Come around - meaning

A phrase meaning you get what you give.

What goes around comes around, bitches.

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Come around - definition

A person's actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person.

You kick a dog in the morning. Later that night a rabid dog bites you in the ass and you die of rabies. The neighbor who saw you kick his dog says: What comes around goes around.

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Come around - slang

an awesome green day song that has a very catchy beat; the song is very lovesick and is about 2 lovers having an arguement and then trying to make amends

No time to search the world around,
Cause you know where I'll be found,
When I come around

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Come around

When you finally get high

ahh man finally the herbs come around

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Come around

means you gonna make a girl/boy that says she dosen't like you to catch feelings

She say she don't like .. but im gonna make her come around

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