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What is color?

(The MODERN spelling of) one of the shades of a prism, like red, blue, green, yellow, etc. Colors are decided by the amount of light that is absorbed or reflected by the human eye. Don't give me any crap about this "colour" shit and it being "the original spelling". Any educated person living in the 21st century knows that the word isn't pronounced "kul-oo-wer". It's 2 syllables: "kul-er" And stop bitching. After all, this is an American website. If it was European, I wouldn't care.

Steve: "The book says 'add two teaspoons of red dye for colour, and--'"
Jon: "What!?!? 'COLOUR'!?!? AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! @&%#$!!!! IT'S F*****NG COLOR!!!!!!!!!

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Color - what is it?

Intuitively, the more intelligent way to spell the phenomenon of light or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical object.

"Detour is pronounced dee-toor. Colour would be pronounced kuhl-loor. However, it is pronounced kuhl-er so color is the more appropriate spelling."

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What does "color" mean?

mood as given by the association with a color...for example, yellow = happy, blue = sad or emotional, red = angry or passionate.

What color are you today?

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Color - what does it mean?

The stupi american way to spell words that were formerly and firstly spelt in the correct way, americans were either to stupid or to lazy or both, to manage to spell this word properly and decided that they were better than the rest of the world.

Boy: Mum i typed colour into word and it changed to color, what do i do?
Mum, there's nothing you can do, dumb americans!!!

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color, a figment of our imagination misleading us to what things really look like. color is the amount of light some thing abosorbs to be reflected through the pigments in our eyes causing what we see to be portraid as we see them.

a book that is red is only red because of the amount of light it can absorb and

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no no no that simply won't do, it's colour colOUR

colouring book, not coloring yow lot rule the world when yow can't even bloody spell

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Miss-spelt version of colour. Originated as the use of the letter 'U' was a tad on the hard side for people to remember.

This is how not to spell colour.

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Colonial slang of 'colour'.

"Behold, for I cannot spell color correctly!"

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Listen up, you ignorant assholes...there's no right or wrong way to spell it.

It was originally "colour", but early Americans decided that the "u" was unnecessary, so they changed it to "color". What's so wrong about that...they thought it made a lot of sense. And what's wrong with the original spelling...obviously that's the way the Brits liked it!

I can't believe some of the postings on here...with the Brits calling us "lazy" and "stupid" for changing the spelling of a word, and with us calling them ridiculous because their version has an "extra letter"...for Pete's sake, it's a fucking WORD.

Language evolves over time, so deal with it and stop bitching about insignificant things, like everyday language. There's much more important stuff going on out there...

"Color" or "colour"'s the same word either way.

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1. The quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or chroma; hue.

2. One of the words that's most popularly debated about the correct spelling of. Color vs Colour.

In the USA the spelling of the word is 'color'. Many "Yankophiles" (people that live outside of the USA, but admire the USA) also spell it this way.

In the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc. the correct spelling of the word is 'colour'.
Anglophiles in the USA (Americans that admire England) also spell the word 'colour'.

Simple as.
There's no real correct way to spell the word, if it's officially adopted as the correct spelling there. That's why in the US, they speak American-English, not exactly English per se.

Chatroom Session:

British person: So yh, mate. The colour of my car is red.

American person: wtf. u spelled color wrong.

British person: no, u did. the english language originated here. so colour is correct.

Open minded person: Shut up both of you. Both 'colour' and 'color' are both correct. You're on the internet speaking internationally, so technically they're both right.

British and American people: .....

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