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What is collective?

What one must often do.
Note: "One" never refers to the first party. The user of this verb must be commanding another to do so.

The Grim Reaper: "Collect!"
Charl: "But I--"
The Grim Reaper: "Collect!"

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Collective - what is it?

A term meaning "good" or "amazing". It can also be as a way to show acceptance, or likeing.
Also meaning the opposite of the term "Overweight, or "Obeease".

Ex.1: Those people giving out free stuff are collectible.

Ex.2: Dude, Those naked chicks are Collectible!

Ex.3: That was a bit Overly Collectible!

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What does "collective" mean?

What a dealer must do to obtain payment from his customers who buy 'on tick'.

I need to go collect from those mother fuckers on the other side of town! They owe big money.

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Collective - what does it mean?

A horrible waste of money, better spent on buying a house, car, or investing.

Even though, the poor soul lived in a crappy-assed area, he continued to buy collectibles instead of considering his future.

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Collective - meaning

a valuable group of collected items placed together (as in media, books, stamps or other interesting crap

I've got a collection of DVDs

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Collective - definition

This is a collection of nudes and videos a fuckboy saves to his phone under Calculator++. They will often brag about it and how their collection is "l33t" and everyone else's are literal shit.

The collection I got is litty mad girls sent me their shits
Bro, your collection is trash fuck off

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Collective - slang

1: a new style of decorating which embraces one's eclectic, personal treasures by combining them with other items with divergent styles;
2: designed without the conventional rules espoused by decorators, i.e., matching traditional with traditional, coordinating curtains with upholstery fabrics, etc.

Her home's decorating style can best be described as collectic.

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The worst of memes on iFunny

Guy 1: Yesterday I read through all of collective !
Guy 2: No way, that must have token forever!
Guy 1: It was so bad!

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Stalinoid or Bolshevik for "group." Reeks with self-importance and in-groupiness.

They used to go out drinking. I suppose they called themselves the "Beer Collective."

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1. A word used to describe the unthinking hive-mind of Leftist drones.

2. A pretentious synonym for club.

1. Drones have been assigned their talking point orders from the Collective today, and will be parroting them throughout the weeks to come.

2. My grandmother belongs to a knitting collective.

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