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What is coins?

A derogatory term for a female that means guys only want her for her Head and her Tail

Coin: All the boys want me
Guy: The only reason they want you is because you fuck anything with a dick you coin ass bitch!

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Coins - what is it?

slang for money that one has earned

"How do you get coin?"
"I work at the law office."

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What does "coins" mean?

money; dolla bills

you've got a good gig! I bet you make some decent coin.

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Coins - what does it mean?

another word for money

hay bro can i borrow some coin?

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Coins - meaning

The act of taking a lot of change and throwing/dropping it on the ground in a large crowd. Then, cause a commotion that causes people in the ground to help you pick up the coins while you also start randomly picking up coins.

Coining is the new planking.

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Coins - definition

Everything and nothing.

"Shut the fuck up you fucking coin."
"Go to hell you coin ass mother fucker."

Jimmy: "Whats up billy?"
Billy: "Coin."

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Coins - slang

To create a new word.

RiCK_420 coined the word fagolette today.

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Money...can be used as describing loose change or bills.

Girl;Dad don't forget to leave my coins on the table before you leave!

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More than one coin. A form of currency. Usually representing the smaller sums of money. Traditionally made with metals and in a circular shape. Usually, the larger the coin, the more money it is worth.

I have too many coins in my pocket.

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(n) (1) Paper (folding) money; currency.
(2) Money
(3) Wealth

Synonyms for coins:

accounts, aces, assets, bacon, bankroll, benjamins, bills, bling, bones, bread, bucks, bullets, cabbage, cache, cake, capital, cartwheels, case notes, cash, change, cheddar, cheese, chicamin, chips, clams, cocnuts, coin , coinage, corn, cornicupia, cucmbers, currency , dead presidents, dough, ducats, fat, federals,feta, fish, folding green, frogs, frogskins, fromage, funds, gigabucks, goodies, goods, gouda, graft, gravy, grease, green, green stuff, greenbacks, grubstake, guineas, haul, heap, hoard, holdings, ice, jack, jangle, jingle, kale, kitty, lettuce, lift, lolly, long green, loochie, loose change, loot, lucre, mad money, make, marigolds, mattress full, mazuma, means, megabucks, mintage, monkey, moola, motsa, nest egg, notes, nuts, milk, oscar, pap, paper, payola, pelf, pesos, piasters, pile, plums, plunder, pockets, pony, poppy, pork, pot, potatos, quids, rack, receipts, rent money, renumeration, resources, rhinos, rivets, rock, roll, salt, Santa Claus, scratch, scrilla, scrip, sheckels, shrapnel, silver, simoleon, skins, smackeroos, smackers, sock, specie, spondulicks, stake, stash, stockpile, store, stuff, sugar, swag, sweetener, take, tender, tribute, trove, velvet, victuals, wad, wallet, wampum, wherewithal, wonga, yellowbacks, yield, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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