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What is coin?

Everything and nothing.

"Shut the fuck up you fucking coin."
"Go to hell you coin ass mother fucker."

Jimmy: "Whats up billy?"
Billy: "Coin."

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coin meme gif

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Coin - what is it?

To create a new word.

RiCK_420 coined the word fagolette today.

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What does "coin" mean?

One Thousand Dollars, a grand, K, etc...

I got this fly credit card that lets me charge up to 25 coin on it, I can't wait to be in debt that bad!

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Coin - what does it mean?

a short, jocund poem;limerick

"that was the worst coin I've ever heard in my life"
"we didnt write it"

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Coin - meaning

a mexican immigrant worker who will do anything to make a little money, even if it means blowin fat dudes.

-hey essay, see that fatty over there?
-well I'm gunna give him a blowjob so I can make a couple pesos

White dudes- yo check out those stupid coins over there trying to make some money. somebody call immigration.

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Coin - definition

To be inebriated. To be under the influence of illegal substances.

"Fuck I'm coined!", "Are you coining tonight?", "I'm thinking about investing in a large amount of coin."

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Coin - slang

someone or something that's crazy af

"Dude, did you hear what Jeremy did the other night?!"
"I was there! He's fucking coin, man!

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slang for money that one has earned

"How do you get coin?"
"I work at the law office."

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money; dolla bills

you've got a good gig! I bet you make some decent coin.

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another word for money

hay bro can i borrow some coin?

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