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What is coat?

Put it on your body to keep you warm.

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Coat - what is it?

An acronym, C.O.A.T stands for Cunt Of A Thing.

This acronym was originally developed in the town of Melbourne, Australia in mid 2006 as a means of describing a strongly unpleasant, offensive, or undesirable female, or a female displaying qualities considered highly undesirable at a given moment.

The beauty of this term is its adaptable nature, and its subjective application.

Also, this term allows one to use a highly offensive term towards someone, in a fashion that does not sound offensive. To this end it is often found in use in offices, professional environments, and there is also one unsubstantiated account of this term being used in a Supreme Court towards the presiding judge.

"That Candace is a fair-dinkum COAT, isn't she Bryce!"

"I had to get out of the house for a while Brad, the missus is being a COAT..."

"I cant believe you baby; you are really acting like a COAT right now. Pull your head in!"

Her - "Youre such a bastard....just buy me an engagement ring already, it's about time after 4 years together..."

Him - "For fucks sake Candace, you are an absolute COAT...we're over bitch! Pack your shit and hit the bricks."

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What does "coat" mean?

A person of the opposite sex who, when attending social events, requires less maintenance than a coat in order for you to get them to come home with you.

"Liz is Rob's coat. When he goes out, he leaves her at the door and hits on other girls with his friends. But when it is time to go home, he grabs her at the door like she is his winter coat."

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Coat - what does it mean?

When someone/something has really annoyed you.

"My word he's/she's a COAT!"
"God this job is a fucking COAT"

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Coat - meaning

A "no coat" is a young woman, or a group of young women, who are out on a Friday or Saturday night in a large city in the wintertime, without a coat, wearing only skimpy, lightweight tops. Primarily seen in the Northeast of the United States, these girls sacrifice health and comfort so they don't have to carry a coat into cheezy whatever plastic club they are in line to enter. They also tend to come from cities named "Cherry Hill", "Cinnaminson" or "Edison" and perform these freezing rituals in Philadelphia or Manhattan.

It's fucking freezing out here! Let us in to Cuba Libre, 32-degrees, Mint, Glam, etc soon already! Oh and how do we get back to the Ben Franklin Bridge, Holland Tunnel? Yep I'm a no coat.

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Coat - definition

The most dominant of all types of people. Well versed and extremely good-looking. Humorous by nature with a desire to party.

"I was feeling so proud of myself, I felt like a Coates!"
"The room was so nice, it was fit for a Coates."
"The lion king was the Coates of the pride."

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Coat - slang

to be cussed very bad

"oww man u got coated off"

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Texting code to determine your percentage of intimacy later
You: Texting to wife: COAT?
Her 100%... see ya soon!

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to mercilessly take the pissout of someone for a long length of time

Wheeler came into the pub wearing chinos the other saturday. He got absolutely coated by Griff and went home nearly in tears

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extreme wealth or status

Dang, Elon’s got a coat!

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