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What is clitty?

A girl's clitoris.

Touch my clitty, it feels nice.

She likes guys sucking on her clitty.

Her clitty is so big it sticks out of her pussy lips when she's horny

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Clitty - what is it?

a common adjective when describing something slutty disgusting annoying and gross. it is not common in a civilized conversation and is very insulting to smart people

lydia is a clitty whore

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What does "clitty" mean?

Clitty, someone who is described as being both clever and witty

That girl downstairs cracks me up, She is so clitty

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Clitty - what does it mean?

Just as Olympia was home to the Gods, the clitty is the home of all evil. Don't go there and disappoint, unless your tongue needs a workout.

My tongue teased her clitty, mm nice.

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Clitty - meaning

(adjective) 1. describing a person who is overly emotional or sensitive to their environment. 2. Possessing qualities such as: bitchy, complaining a lot, and/or being whiny.

1. God Steve, ur being so clitty! i was just kidding.

2. I swear that kid is clitty, he takes everything to heart.

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Clitty - definition

derived from that short-skirted roomate, it means that one's skirt is so tiny that you can see her clit

My room was a fucking sauna so Davina wore her clitty skirt today... it's no wonder that lusty sex abounds here.

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Clitty - slang

an affectionate term used by a woman for her clitoris

I love tapping on my clitty.

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A slang for clitorus aka clit. Denotes a cute, fun, playful and often youthful quality to the clit.

Scott slid down Jill's panties to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy and her cute little clitty.

Suck my clitty!

Would you like to play with my wet little clitty?

I'm so horny. Finger my clitty!

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Term of endearment for the clitoris; see clit.

Her: Go on, go on... rub my clitty... yes... yes... ahh ahhhh ahhhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHH!

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A transgender term for cross-dressers, transvestites, and sissies to call their penis.

"Hey how does my clitty look in these panties."

"It looks great, a nice little bulge."

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