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What is christensen?

1. A Canadian born actor who has been in such movies as The Virgin Suicides and Life as a House.
2. The worst actor in Star Wars Episodes II & III and one of the many reasons why George Lucas needs a good swift kick in the ego.

Hayden Christensen is to Star Wars Episode II as Jar Jar Binks is to Star Wars Episode I.

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Christensen - what is it?

Grease Monkey who thinks he knows everything about cars, dirtbikes, anything with a motor. Very spoiled by his mother. An Idiot.

Idiot, Retard, Sometimes Assholish, Cody Christensen

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What does "christensen" mean?

Plays Anakin Skywalker in the starwars movies and the greatest thing to ever walk the earth and SOOO NOT GAY! Born from my home town, Vancouver.

Hayden Christersen is just too cute!

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Christensen - what does it mean?

A gorgeous and amazing actor who played the difficult character of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars 2 and 3.
Despite some stupid so called 'fans' of Star Wars,opinions of his acting, and how he shouldn't have the part, he managed to knock out like 400 other actors, despite being hardly known. Real star wars fans understand that he's perfect, because George Lucas chose him, and Lucas knows exactly what he wanted!
He's a really nice guy too. Starred in other movies such as Life as a House and Shattered Glass.

Fan 1:Woah, have you seen Star Wars?
Fan 2:Yeah Hayden Christensen is totally the best ever!

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Christensen - meaning

To be magnificent, bee's knee's.

My your a logan christensen lately!

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Christensen - definition

a cute famous norwegian stand up comedian who tells jokes while she is on a big boat. people are traveling with the boat just to see Therese. she tells all types of jokes, but she has a dry humor and most of the jokes are kind of dry. another reason to take the boat is that Therese is a girl who everybody likes and you just have to smile when she is around

omg i wish i was just as funny as Therese Christensen

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Christensen - slang

1.the hottest, sweetest, most generous person alive and a person i know who's 100% heterosexual ;)

2.the definition of absolute hottness and sexiness

that guy is loke,totally hayden!

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The act of being totally OCD, crazy, having a large head complete with a disproportionately small body, having a phobia of scraps of paper touch the floor, and having a personal vacuum cleaner to insure absolute Christensen level cleanliness perfection.

They were christensening it today. I didnt't know anyone actually ever christensened anything, I didn't think it was possible.

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Christensen is creative, handsome and will put you under his spell. Once you got to know him, it's impossible not to think about him and his twinkling dark eyes which take you to galaxies far far away... He is thoughtful and considerate, thinks way ahead of things and plans the best surprises for the one he loves. If you're the luckiest girl in the world, he will smile at you, talk to you or even take you out to a museum. He might be shy to open up at first, but once he trusts you, you can be sure that he will always be your partner in crime. A Christensen appears once in a blue moon, and if he does, you better hold onto him because chances are he is the most precious thing existing on this planet and beyond. He is the man of your dreams, the lover Taylor Swift sings about and the only one you will ever love again. You'll daydream about him when he's not ard and prolly never be able to heal from the void he leaves in your heart if you ever happen to have to part from him. If your lucky enough to call him your boyfriend, you'll be couplegoals and never get over how cute af he is.

Friend: Hey, gurl, you listening?
You: Uhm, sry, I was thinking about is he so perfect?

You: * stupidly smiling at your phone *
Friend: Awwwww...another message from Christensen?

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the family of the great erick the red. vikings very know for gigantic ism. only a few remain from the true christensen family starting with roy then lee then russ then passed down to chris

chris christensen christensen family

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