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What is choosing?

Basically, you choose odds or evens and remark "Once, twice, three, SHOOT!" each player either holds out a closed fist, 1 finger, or 2 fingers, therefore the total can either add up to 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. If it is 0, no player wins. If it is even (2,4) the evens player wins and if it's odd (1,3) the odds player wins.

Seinfeld: George and Jerry played the Choose game in 'The Robbery' Episode to decide who should get the apartment, Jerry ends up winning.

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Choosing - what is it?

A choosing beggar is the type of person who will ask for your Hulu password, then complain about you not having premium when you give it to them. similar to a chooser, a choosing beggar is a picky beggar.
A choosing beggar will use eBay or Instagram to buy things, contact the seller then ask for an unreasonably low price, often making excuses to justify it like: "My Grandmother died yesterday" or "my friend hung himself," As if that would lower the price.
Another common trait of choosing beggars is their unreasonably high standards of women. They could date the worlds hottest woman and still find something to complain about. This is a trait from their choosing side.

Long story short, for lack of other word, they suck and avoid them at all costs when selling.

choosing beggar: hi is the iPhone x still for sale?
seller: yes, for £600
choosing beggar: do £100.
seller: NO.
choosing beggar: please my mom is in hospital.
seller: lol u a choosing beggar bye.

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What does "choosing" mean?

Past tense of chose

Peter choosed to go to school.

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Choosing - what does it mean?

To select for a fight, or to pick a fight with someone.

When someone chooses you, you can stand and fight or you can run.

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Choosing - meaning

What a Puerto Rican wears on his feet.

Yo Jose, check out my new choose. I stole 'em from foot locker!

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Choosing - definition

like when a person only dats certain types of pple because they are shallow. Ex. females who only date jocks, celebs. depending on social status, popularity or money.

these hoes be choosing.

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Choosing - slang

When a person has a lot of people interested in em but it's one that stands out of that crowd...if the person notices that 1 person to "get to know" out of everyone else that's CHOOSING!

Kira: Toya i heard Tyrone nd BJ likes you...but Tyrone is a player nd cheap.
Toya: Girl BJ fine, work & direct wit his "choosing" his fine self lol.

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What Puerto Ricans wear on their feet

"'Ey mang! Check out my new pair of choose!"

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When a person shows interest in more than one person in the same social circle

I was texting her at first, after she saw Gabe she was choosing.

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To show attraction to the opposite or same sex.

Dawg, I know she looks good, but stop choosing.

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