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What is cheerful?

Originally used almost exclusively in England as a toast accompanied by a clink of glasses or raising of same, has come to mean almost anything an English person (particularly hooray Henriettas) wants it to mean rather in the style of shit or cool, but usually with ironic overtones.

"I've just told your bird you're bonking her sister."
"Oh cheers, mate."

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Cheerful - what is it?

A blessing. To wish some one good cheer and happiness.

"See you later"


"This round's on me!"

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What does "cheerful" mean?

Common way for a Kiwi to (1) say thanks, (2) sign off an email/memo/will ("cheers,") or (3) what we shout when clanging our handles of booze together in a moment of comaderie.

1. "I'll make us a cuppa tea."

2. "Only total wankers sign off with 'kind regards'. What shall I put?"
"Just write, 'Cheers', and then your name."

3. "Fark Iyam pished."
""Way-heyyyyyy!! Cheeeeerrzzzz."

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Cheerful - what does it mean?

A prevalent term in some social groups withing Australia, and occasionally Britain. In simple terms, this phrase is said whenever something negative occurs.

Gambler - Just lost $50 because the Suns won. Not cheers!
Student - Had to go to school today regardless of my flu. Not cheers at all.
Commuter - Couldn't get myself a seat on the train this morning. Not cheers.

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Cheerful - meaning

A very common word, mostly used in the United Kingdom, with 4 different meanings:

1. thanks!

2. ya r welcome!

3. bye

4. before drinking anything with ya homies

1. joanne: that's for ya frank!!
frank: cheers jo!!

2. frank: thank ya man for ya help!!
ryan: cheers dude!!!

3. paul: bye frank see ya later!
frank: cheers!!!

4. ryan, frank and paul rising their pints up..

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Cheerful - definition

SprinkleofGlitter, is the happiest most fun loving person you could ever met.

Nothing compares to SprinkleofGlitter cheerful level

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Cheerful - slang

An adjective describing someone so happy that they have a smile on their face. A lot.

I am feeling very CHEERFUL today! I know! I'll go twiddle my thumbs in a happy manner!.....OVER THERE!

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A word used by Britons on any occasion, covering any meaning from 'thanks', 'hello', 'no problem', to 'an alien just raped your chinchilla in the left corner of my blue garden shed'. Usually followed by the term 'mate', which is also 100% devoid of semantic content and meaning. This phenomenon is taken by some continental scholars as strong evidence that all Britons are telepathic.

Stranger: 'Cheers mate'.

Reply: 'Cheers, but I'm not interested in buying a bible from the early eighteenth century'.

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A way of saying 'thank you', usually after giving or receiving something. Mostly used in the uk.

"Here's your beer."

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A phrase used by incompetent guests at hotels in vegas after someone fix's their internets.

"You bloody wanker i knew you were blocking my internets" Cheers Cheers

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