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What is center?

A senior citizen who has decided that it's ok to take advantage of the fact that nobody wants to mistreat or disrespect a senior citizen.

at a baseball game, you show up to find your seat taken by a senior citizen, so instead you sit in someone else's seat, rather than disturb the poor center citizen.

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Center - what is it?

a pocket located in the front of your jeans and usually lower than the side pockets. Also, it usually requires some digging and can only be accessed by a female.

Female: "hey where did you put my keys?"
Male: "In my center pocket. your welcome to go find them if you want."

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What does "center" mean?

The position a shitty player on a team plays.

"What position do you play?"
"Center bench."

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Center - what does it mean?

where you put the bullets into a person in a quick shot

the six inches wide region below the throat and above the navel where you have the best chance of hitting a human with bullets, usually at a longer range,,, over 100 meters

"aim center mass" bang

I aim for center mass every time

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The act of being inconsiderate of someone else's weed and bowl pack. When you literally Surf your lighter flame over the middle of the pack to get the best hit you can.

Total dick Head: Hey brahhh pass the bong i wanna get fucked up
Awesome kid : chill (passes the bong, Against better judgement)
Total dick head: I smoke reefer all day (takes hit)
Awesome kid : Nice job center surfing you flem wad

Total dick head : brahhhhhh brahhh chill I'm just smoking' reefer
Awesome kid : Get the fuck out of my house you square (slams door)

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a person who hangs out at West Hartford Center almost everyday.

Todd: Hey you have any idea where has Julia been?

Jim: Dude she's most likely at the center she's such a center rat

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The Imaginary, VITAL missing component of anything complicated that someone needs your help to assemble!

James can you help me put this gazebo up?
Yeah sure!...... Ah man wait a sec, the center connector is missing, we'll have to leave it!

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The preference or habit of fapping to ones own selfies.

As a selfie centered individual, Mike preferred to look at his selfies while fapping.

During handshakes with snakes on Wednesday, Mike was thankful to be Selfie Centered, because his partner was a BagHead™©.

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People who spell centre wrong might also spell centrement incorrectly.

"Now's our chance to fuck up the Englisg language some more."
"Centerment isn't a real word anyway moron."
"Oh yeah!"

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When you eat the fried fries in the fried fire part and you burn your tongue

I eat a Frenche fried fried and i got a center on my tongue

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