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What is carpet bombing?

when your masturbating and you cum all over the carpet/floor area leaving a crusty stains in your carpet

yo homes, i went carpet bombing in my sisters room, theres crust all over the floor.

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Carpet bombing - what is it?

The act of leaving excrement on your partners pubic hairs during a sexual act.

Sally screamed in disgust as bill layed a huge carpet bombing run down her pubic region!

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What does "carpet bombing" mean?

A weapon in worms that sees a plane drop carpets over the landscape, bouncing about. Considered to be better than the unreliable homing pigeon, and more dangerous than the guided missile. Not as good as super sheep.

I was carpet bombing you.

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Carpet bombing - what does it mean?

In a video game where the player proceeds to randomly toss or launch grenades hoping for a kill. Games like ghost recon where extreme proximity to grenades is deadly this is extremely cheap.

"Watch out. Some jerk is carpet bombing the alleyway. You can't get past."

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Carpet bombing

In Duke Nukem Forever; the art of obtaining both a Jetpack and the Devastator weapon, then proceed to fly around and unleash a rain of rockets on everything that moves. Don't forget to refill.

carpet bombing, fuck yeah

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Carpet bombing

A large Jet continuously dropping bombs leaving a streak of explosions behind its path

Google "b-52 carpet bombing up close" and see for yourself.

After 9/11 Bush ordered a massive air strike on Taliban front line positions in the north of Afghanistan using a B-52 aircraft Carpet Bombing Taliban forces.

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Carpet bombing

The act of sending out a large amount of emails to women on a dating site such as " or "Plenty of Fish". This is accomplished by having several pre-written emails that are copied and pasted with reckless abandon to all potential dates or members of the dating site of the opposite sex, or same sex I guess depending on your persuasion.

The root name "carpet bombing" comes from world war II where B-52's would drop thousands of bombs over a broad area basically laying a carpet of bombs.

Therefore as a bombardier (guy responsible for dropping the bombs from the B-52) would lay a carpet of bombs over a European city one who frequently sends out mass emails to prospective dates on a dating site could also be called a bombardier.

"Hey Steve what are you going to be doing this evening?" "Well Jim I planned on going home from work, grabbing a bear and carpet bombing for a few hours."
"Steve that sounds like fun", Yes it is Jim every time I carpet bomb I get like ten hot women lined up!"

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Carpet bombing

When someone puts their arms out to represent wings and acts like they are a flying airplane while passing gas and leaving a vapor cloud in their wake. As to represent themselves as bomber airplane that is dropping bombs.

Sam: What the heck is the new guy damian doing?

Chad: hurry up and move...he's carpet bombing!

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Carpet bombing

during intercourse the guy pulls out early and uses his penis as if it were a pump action shot-gun and blows his nut juice all over the woman's vagina.

guy 1 " i fucking pulled out and shot-gunned carpet bombed that bitch!"
guy 2 "nice"

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Carpet bombing

To pull out right as you cum and squirt your cum all over the girl's pussy and/or pubic area.

My girl said that she had forgotten to take her birth control, so I just carpet bombed her.

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