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What is carpet bombed?

The act of sending out a large amount of emails to women on a dating site such as " or "Plenty of Fish". This is accomplished by having several pre-written emails that are copied and pasted with reckless abandon to all potential dates or members of the dating site of the opposite sex, or same sex I guess depending on your persuasion.

The root name "carpet bombing" comes from world war II where B-52's would drop thousands of bombs over a broad area basically laying a carpet of bombs.

Therefore as a bombardier (guy responsible for dropping the bombs from the B-52) would lay a carpet of bombs over a European city one who frequently sends out mass emails to prospective dates on a dating site could also be called a bombardier.

"Hey Steve what are you going to be doing this evening?" "Well Jim I planned on going home from work, grabbing a bear and carpet bombing for a few hours."
"Steve that sounds like fun", Yes it is Jim every time I carpet bomb I get like ten hot women lined up!"

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Carpet bombed - what is it?

1. The act of accomplishing a task very thoroughly with an absolute disregard for the excessive waste of resources used in doing so that it may have been better just not to do it in the first place, but at least you win. This is typically done as an outright act of frustration and hubris. The sheer amount of over-zealous effort required to carpet bomb often makes the end result less than satisfactory.


2. Having very vigorous and powerful, Zeus-like sex with a woman for a very, very long period of time.

1. I was so fucking pissed after getting a "F" on that last test that I carpet bombed shit out of this one. Twenty hours of studying the book word for word and I got a "C".

2. Yeah bro, I carpet bombed the shit out of her all night.

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What does "carpet bombed" mean?

When you and a partner have a sex and the male or female finishes on the carpet

Dude me and Chelsea carpet bombed at your house

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Carpet bombed - what does it mean?

When someone puts their arms out to represent wings and acts like they are a flying airplane while passing gas and leaving a vapor cloud in their wake. As to represent themselves as bomber airplane that is dropping bombs.

Sam: What the heck is the new guy damian doing?

Chad: hurry up and move...he's carpet bombing!

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Carpet bombed

during intercourse the guy pulls out early and uses his penis as if it were a pump action shot-gun and blows his nut juice all over the woman's vagina.

guy 1 " i fucking pulled out and shot-gunned carpet bombed that bitch!"
guy 2 "nice"

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Carpet bombed

The act of farting at random intervals down a hallway (such as a school or hotel) so that the origin of the smell is unknown.

Aw man I just laid a massive carpet bomb on the 5th floor of that hotel

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Carpet bombed

To pull out right as you cum and squirt your cum all over the girl's pussy and/or pubic area.

My girl said that she had forgotten to take her birth control, so I just carpet bombed her.

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Carpet bombed

The act of trying it on with every girl in the club,works party,bar . until you strike it lucky.

John: man i really need to get laid tonight . Its been a month.

Paul: dont worry mate we will just carpet bomb the club it always works.

John: safe dude.

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Carpet bombed

Texting every girl in your phonebook in a feeble attempt to get laid.

After he got belligerent, Stephan proceeded to carpet bomb until Ursula texted him back and something was set up.

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Carpet bombed

When you hit it so hard that her slimy goop explodes all over your red bed sheets, resembling the trail (snail trail)a snail would leave behind.

D: "Dude....does these look normal?"
S: " Oh God no....."
D: "I'm pretty sure I smashed Jennifer so hard last night that she carpet bombed my bed sheets"

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