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What is carpet bomb?

To fart and walk at the same time, multiple times, in a public environment. Leaving a trail of stink none can tell the origin of.

Man 1- *carpet bombs sidewalk*
Woman- What is that smell?!
Man 2- I have no idea, but it's everywhere!

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Carpet bomb - what is it?

When a person grows a few marijuana plants preferably auto flowering and lets a male fully pollinate a female lets the seeds mature you should have close to 1000 to 2000 seeds and you go around throwing a bunch on peoples laws, vacant lots, bushes, near abandoned train tracks state parks any and every were you get the idea

i had a friend who's a dedicated 420 activist he talks of out growing the government so as a jolk he carpet bombed the bank with 80 of em

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What does "carpet bomb" mean?

The act of mass texting the opposite sex in hopes of getting a hook-up or booty callfor the night. The texter or bombardier would see who responded and pick the best option to get with that night.

Guy 1: "I just carpet bombed my black book"

Guy2: "Nice, I guess you are getting some tonight."

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Carpet bomb - what does it mean?

When, in the process of pulling-out from vaginal intercourse, you get out just in time to blow your "bomb" all over the female's bush.

Rich - "Hey man, how'd it go last nite with that chick?"
Jim - "Dude, it was alright but I had a scare when I barely got out in time. I managed to Carpet Bomb her though."
Rich - "What a relief man, we don't need any Lil' Jimmys running around."

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Carpet bomb

to *completly* blanket an area with bombs(cluster, HE, dasiy cutter, nuclear, MOAB) destroying most everything underneath them. carpet bombing was practiced in vietnam, WWII and SHOULD be practiced in iraq

100 b-52's could carpet bomb baghdad, and level the whole damn city

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Carpet bomb

1. The act of accomplishing a task very thoroughly with an absolute disregard for the excessive waste of resources used in doing so that it may have been better just not to do it in the first place, but at least you win. This is typically done as an outright act of frustration and hubris. The sheer amount of over-zealous effort required to carpet bomb often makes the end result less than satisfactory.


2. Having very vigorous and powerful, Zeus-like sex with a woman for a very, very long period of time.

1. I was so fucking pissed after getting a "F" on that last test that I carpet bombed shit out of this one. Twenty hours of studying the book word for word and I got a "C".

2. Yeah bro, I carpet bombed the shit out of her all night.

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Carpet bomb

When you and a partner have a sex and the male or female finishes on the carpet

Dude me and Chelsea carpet bombed at your house

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Carpet bomb

The act of farting at random intervals down a hallway (such as a school or hotel) so that the origin of the smell is unknown.

Aw man I just laid a massive carpet bomb on the 5th floor of that hotel

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Carpet bomb

The act of trying it on with every girl in the club,works party,bar . until you strike it lucky.

John: man i really need to get laid tonight . Its been a month.

Paul: dont worry mate we will just carpet bomb the club it always works.

John: safe dude.

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Carpet bomb

Texting every girl in your phonebook in a feeble attempt to get laid.

After he got belligerent, Stephan proceeded to carpet bomb until Ursula texted him back and something was set up.

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