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What is carpet?

1: A furry lump which can be trod on, peed on, or burnt.
2: A girl has a whole helluva lotta bush underneath her panties.

1: ooooh look a carpet *yoink*
2: yo dude last night i was gonna finger megan but then i put my hand down and it was like WOAH carpet!

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Carpet - what is it?

modern day drug dealers terms for £300

i'd say thats worth a carpet

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What does "carpet" mean?

Hipster slang for lesbian.

Dude! I mistook that carpet for a man!

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Carpet - what does it mean?

Creature, usually of the canine variety, who sits on the back seat of the vehicle travelling in front of you with his head sticking out of the window so that his dribble gets blown onto your windscreen.

Specially cultivated at factories owned by Ford and given away to every 100th buyer.

SPECIAL SALE!! Free carpet with all new models sold today!

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What the fuck why did you look this up on urban dictionary you incuturalled swine

Oh my goddddd, he looks up Carpet words on urban dictionary.

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1. A very hairy Vagina that needs shaving.

Man that chick has a nasty carpet. Someone send her a Mach 3 for Christmas.

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A lush expanse of hair covering the vulva, meant to be munched upon and not shaven.

"Mmmm, check out that carpet, I wish I was eating some of *that*!"

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a soft material used to cover floors

I skipped happily along the carpet, and when I tripped I only chipped four teeth.

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a woman's pubic hair

Her carpet was well trimmed.

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the thick, knotted mass of pubic hair just north of the vagina.

"I unbuttoned her pants and tried to run my hand down her panties, but it got caught in her carpet."

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