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What is capping?

the act of smoking drugs with various people

word adopted in South Miami, Florida

Where's Charles?

Oh he's capping with Ben right now!

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Capping - what is it?

Random girl comes on webcam to meet new people and is persuaded by random people (competing for points) to flash various body parts, not knowing that screen captures of video will surface on the world wide web within 30 seconds. The video will be traded on websites by hundreds of people and streamed. Videos are traded by collectors. Blackmailers get hold of the videos and information on the girls then hunt them and use the videos as leverage to get the girls under their control and command eg forced to do sex shows. Groups of heroes or 'white knights' who may also be paedophiles run around trying to save the girls from the blackmailing paedophiles. The Cappers and heroes fight to add the girls to their own collection. Source - the daily capper on u-tube for the week of August 15th 2010

The 2010 capper awards on you-tube granted awards to the cappers who captured the most screen shots of girls and to the most prolific sextortionist among those involved in capping.

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What does "capping" mean?

The act of cussing someone out and/or yelling at that person online on a website forum or in an instant messenger.

Tom: Why are you capping me? You're a jackass.

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Capping - what does it mean?

A mid-west slang term used to describe someone who’s tweaking or messing up.

Alyssa: Truth or Dare, Bianca

Bianca: Dare

Alyssa: I dare you to go sit on Jake’s lap

Bianca: Nah g, i’m not doing that

Alyssa: G what? You capping! Come on just do it!

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The sexual act of sticking a pencil eraser in one's urethra.

I love capping, thanks katya!

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The act of shooting a gun

Big Dog whipped out his gun and starting capping.

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Capping was a word used back in the late 80's early 90's that described a form of word battle. Saying someone's shoes were bought at K-Mart would be a form of capping. Basically it's a form of putting someones cloths or style down. It was common to hear someone say "ohhh you got capped on!"

"You must go to church allot with all them holes in your shoes!". The holes in the shoes meaning they looked holy. Someone else who heard the cap would say something like, "You just got capped on!". Capping was common with wannabe rappers

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Somebody who is lying to try and gain clout; Usually done by someone named Nathan.

Nathan: I just got 3 kills in Fortnite!

Everyone: Nathan you are capping so hard right now.

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A term used to describe when someone is saying something that is either false, seems false or is highly opinionated.

friend:”damn that girl is fine!”
you:”hell nah you’re capping! shes ugly as fuck!”

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basically a brand new word for lying

Jack: I just made basketball shot from ten feet
Drake: Mann, quit capping

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