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What is cant?

The Curse Of The Greece God Hecate, Using Spirits To Attack The Opponent.

Cante! *Spirits Apear* Attacks Opponent

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cant meme gif

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Cant - what is it?

The most handsome African dude in the world. He is so hot.
Name for the most hottest people.

Cante is the most hottest man in the world.

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What does "cant" mean?

An Australian variation of the word cunt when referring to a banker.

Those guys at CommBank are such a bunch of cants.

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Cant - what does it mean?

someone who either hasd a shite job is going to have one

jamie houston u fuckin cant

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Cant - meaning

an actual word tom! ;

i cant run for chocolate !(H)

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Cant - definition

means a pussy, a loser, a jack-ass.

Simple a big time idoit.

Or a joking way of calling out a friend who is wrong or did something stupid.

Hey pul ur a cant.

Molse nidez that cant and will bolt-char-arzz.

what a cant, he sucks at everything.

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Cant - slang

Like cunt but more friendly patter

you cant AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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Cant is bullshit uttered by a whining, ignorant bullshitter who bullshits whenever he speaks.

Joe: Gotham Green is so white, they are all wiggas.

Bob: What a steaming load of cant - just shut it you jamoke.

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A polite way to call someone or something a cunt

Dad! Grandad has died , old cant .

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As in the derogatory term for the female genitals. Used as an insult. The a can sometimes be lengthened in sound.

Fack off you caaaaaaaaaaant!

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