Definder - what does the word mean?

What is cam?

The act of masturbating on webcam while watching another person as he/she masturbates on webcam.

"I couldn't hook up last night so I cammed with this guy in Iowa."

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cam - meme gif

cam meme gif

cam - video

Cam - what is it?

Crappy ass theatre movie. Usually people just get these to fill time so they can get a better copy.

Man this cam sucks dick.

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What does "cam" mean?

short for webcam.

Give me a second to start my cam.

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Cam - what does it mean?

cam is a name for a very hot, very talented girl who is loved by many. she is a vixen and very fun loving but NOT a slut. basically, a cam is a very amazing girl who loves steady, longterm relationships

everybody loves that girl, she is such a cam.

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Cam - meaning

A camshaft. Automobile enthusiasts who speak of "cams" are usually describing aftermarket camshafts designed to provide greater flow of air/fuel mixture, and therefore more torque and horsepower, than the stock camshafts that come with most vehicles.

When Aaron gets paid on Friday, he plans to go to the speed shop and buy a Shrick 256 cam.

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Cam - definition

A wonderful, very attractive man.

Larisa loves Cameron very much!!

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Cam - slang

verb. To perform on a webcam.

I cam from about noon to 7:00 pm.

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Cam refers to the 3 mystery holes of the females. C=Cunt, A= Ass, M= Mouth.

Guy: Last night was perfect
Girl: I enjoyed cam.

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the hottest person you'll ever meet, will fight for your rights but is horny 24/7. Never make her mad, she's so fuckin sweet and won't get in a fight unless absolutely necessary. Be kind to a cam, or they will chop your dick off

me: oh my god cam is the best person ever
everyone else: there's no other way to describe it

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ridiculously good looking, an amazing man

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