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What is calm?

5 Seconds of Summer's 4th album and true work of art. The name is an acronym for the first names of each momer of the band:

Calum Hood (Bassist)
Ashton Irwin (Drummer)
Luke Hemmings (Lead singer)
Michael Clifford (Lead Guitarist

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Calm - what is it?

Used to express agreement or to describe something/an event that has no conflicts

Person 1: Can you meet around 1?
Person 2: Sure, that’s calm

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What does "calm" mean?

When something is chill, cool, relaxed or alternative way to agree or confirm usually to plans

That’s a calm fit bro!
Calm vibes all around.
It’s a calm day.
We good for lunch tomorrow at 6?” “Calm”

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Calm - what does it mean?

To be down with, or to express want to partake in a certain activity.

Person A: “Aye, do you wanna hang tomorrow?”

Person B: “I’m calm

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Calm - meaning

It's cool,don't worry bout it ,that's alright ,yes mate, sweet

Person 1- "Just copped a pair of yeezys"
Person 2 -"That's calm"

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Calm - definition

CALM+:- CALM+ Is an accurate description of a FABARM whilst he she or they are calming down the hysterical "NONFABMASSES" - it takes them a long time to FABLEARN the ultimate calmness of a friendly FABARM!

This match is getting almost hysterical - we need to get a couple of CALM+ FABARM'S in, after half time, that should fix it!

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Calm - slang

calm, as in telling someone to calm down. Because they are being fucking not legit and no one needs that at their tay tay.

Set... Calm... There you go. Now get back to the tay tay.

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Calm is a state of being, akin to a religious experience. Often used bye itself as a fragment. A relaxing interjection.

"Dude, I can't believe he just flipped that snow-mobile. Calm."

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An adjective used to describe one's contentment/sense of relief towards a specific object/situation

The test was so calm

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Calm used in this way is a from only alpha males use when making plans to show that they all agree with whatever it may be.

Jalen: McDonalds after school today?
Nick: calm
Hunter: calm
Jack: calm
Corey: calm
Dylan: calm

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