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What is ca?

As in she's cute, but who needs a CA in their life? This is a girl who is an easy piece but she's psycho enough to screw you and then go home and murder her 2 year old daughter.

Casey Anthony who is jailed to go to trial for the murder of her 2 year old daughter, partied and screwed for 31 days (after June 14th 2009) before she had to tell her mother the baby was missing. The child was found murdered Dec. 11 2009.

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Ca - what is it?

used to express a certain feeling of fondness for a person or situation situation.

Can be used alone, such as a replacement for ::Sigh:: such as "I'm in a bummy mood, "Ca."

Can also be used to refer to a person one is fond of. for example: Whattup Ca!

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What does "ca" mean?

A New York pronunciation for the word car.

My ca was towed last night by the New York City police for illegal parking at Times Square.

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Ca - what does it mean?

an abbreviation for "Cock Assist", the opposite of "Cock Block"...

My boy was broke but feelin' this chick, so I CA'd him buy giving him a 20 spot so he could buy her some drinks...

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Cocaine Anonymous.
A Twelve-Step fellowship / group in the tradition of AA. For those individuals addicted to cocaine (blow, crack) and their lives have become unmanagable.

"Finding my old crack pipe might be a trigger, so I better get to a CA meeting!"

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CA / C.A. is the abbreviation for Chartered Account / Chartered Accountancy in many parts of the world especially in the commonwealth countries.

Women: What are you studying for?
Man: Shut the fuck up you bitch, I am studying for my CA exams.

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Combat Arms.

Wanna go play CA?

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An older student who in forces the rules of the building on freshmen and makes sure we don't burn down the building, write on the walls, get pregnant kill each other turn the floor into a satanic cult sex place, preform unauthorized exorcisms, or playing drinking games.

Ca mike: John how many times do I have to write you up for performing unauthorized exorcisms on Sam.
John: but it's authorized this time see
Ca mike: oh ok continue.

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Abbreviation for California, the best state in the USA.

I'm from Los Angeles, CA.

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Pronunciation of the word 'car', used by the people of Boston, Massachussets. Not used by New Yorkers.

Were you not in the fucking ca?

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