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What is by the way?

A term commonly used in Oakville Onatrio. acronym for What are you saying?. Is grammatically incorrect in most cases however it shortens the phrase from 5 syllables to only one.

ways tonight?

just chase and getting dusted

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By the way - what is it?

impossible. I really can't imagine how that could be true.

you woke up at 10? NO WAY

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What does "by the way" mean?

1. a badass quote from "The Mandalorian".

2. When you and your friends have something in common and agree on it

Star wars fan 1: I prefer watching The Mandalorian over the new Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars fan 2: well This is The Way
Star wars fan 1: This is The Way

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By the way - what does it mean?

In a conversation, if u agree with the person you are talking to, you may say "OK."
If u don't agree, but you find you can't argue with him, you may use "Fine."
If u don't agree, and you find what he contends are all nonsense, use "Be that way." meaning "Fine. Be whatever you wanna be, do whatever you wanna do as long as you are happy, but you might have to deal with the consequences."

"If you don't stop partying and start studying, you'll have to use your double-D's on your professor to pass the final."
"It's fine, I'll at least get a D."
"D? You're content with that?"
"Yup. And you're content with your A's? Talking boobies here!"
"Seriously, you should at least get a B."
"Nope, my grade should match my boobs."
"Fine, be that way!"

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By the way - meaning

Used as a final answer to the YA RLY comeback...Usually said
by the person who started with O RLY?.

Extremely retarded political figure: They misunderestimated me.
"Terrorist": O RLY?
Extremely retarded political figure: YA RLY
"Terrorist": NO WAI!

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By the way - definition

saying or doing something that is not wanted or needed by another. not helping a situation. saying something that frustrates or upsets (pisses) someone off.

1.mane wat was da purpose of you saying dat shit. . .u jus in the way fareal.

2. dont listen 2 him, he jus a lame dats in the way.

3.MANE I WAS TRYNA GET WIT HIM!! uggghh anthony is so IN THE WAY MANE. . .he need 2 realize dat i dont want him!! see im not listenin to u cause u jus in the way!!

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By the way - slang

An expression of approval and support for someone who handled a tough or tricky situation with grace, skill and adroitness.

"Way to be there Dave, if that ground ball had gotten past you, it would have cost us the game.

"Way to be there Marcy, the client was ready to pull the account before you presented the new marketing demographics."

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By the way

Excitment. Another word for sweet! Awesome! Is used a lot in the anime Dragon Half.

Wai-wai!! I won the lottery, waaaaai!

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By the way

A cool word for free way


"I'm gettin' on the way way fool"

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By the way

"oh, and On that note," or "While we're on the subject" or "since you mentioned it" or "Concerning that,"

I can not wait to see you at Thanksgiving, Karolina. By the way, will you be eating the delicious pie I make?

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