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What is butter?

An ugly girl with a hot body.

Everything butter (but her) face.

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Butter - what is it?

Particularly attractive woman. Tastes so sweet. is mentioned in the film commentary.

"She's like but-ter..." - Ed, Shaun of the Dead

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What does "butter" mean?

(adj) describing something cool, fresh, enjoyable

1) Waiting for food while stoned: Yo these chicken tenders are going to be butter.

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Butter - what does it mean?

butter (buhยทtr) v. To shoplift a low-value item such as one or more candy bars, disposable pens, or a boxed set of battery-powered Christmas lights.

{Ricky}: Hey Craig, can you go butter me a couple of Snicker bars and a 3-Muskerteers bar at the Rexall during lunch break?
{Craig}: Sure thing Ricky!
{Craig returns a short while with the stolen articles}: Here ya go Ricky. They were out of 3-Muskerteers so I buttered a couple of packs of M&Ms instead.

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Butter - meaning

having a particularly illmatic quality; sweet; nice

"If lookin' good is like being on time, man, THAT girl is fifteen minutes early."
"Yeah, she's butter."

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Butter - definition

crack cocaine that is reprocessed (i.e. "cookback", "comeback") to remove impurities and creat a much more potent product at the loss of some weight and volume. Usually looks clearish white to yellow in color.

I used to smoke crack and everytime the dealers had butter we would come back all day long. Baking soda rock was a let-down. You can take about 1/3 the same amount of butter rock that you would take for a hit with some soda rock and feel higher off that one hit from the butter. Very potent crack cocaine that keeps the addicts comming back till it's gone.

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Butter - slang

Word used to describe any one bad quality about a female, as in "but her...."

Lady Gaga has a butter face.

J-Lo has butter cookies.

Kelly Rippa has butter tits.

That girl Jesse has a butter adams apple!

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really good crack/cocaine.this term is used to describe really good yellow rocks of crack

"im lookin for dat butter my dude..."

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The smoothest water you can find while wakeboarding.

Yo! I want to ride first, the water is totally butter.

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The urban definition of 'butter' is to have refined skills at a particular task, like playing basketball for example. To further understand the meaning of the word, you have to grasp a general idea of where the usage of it came from. Originally, people of all backgrounds used to say the phrase "I'm on a roll!" meaning that at the moment, they were so good at doing something, that there was no stopping them. Later on, people took the phrase to the next level by saying "I'm must be butter, 'cause I'm on a roll!" in the sense that, if you're on a roll, you have to butter, because that's what most people put on rolls. Later, this was just shortened to "Butter!"

(After draining a fourth straight three-pointer): I MUST be butter, 'cause I'm on a roll!
some other guy: um, uh...yeah.

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