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What is but whatever?

shorter version of can use it in arguments in the same way only it works even better. after a person has explained their whole side of the argument then just say "whatev" and then most likely the person ur arguing with will be annoyed by this shortened word and add in the "er" at the end and then its a beautiful thing because they'll realize that ur working together for one common cause in life,to make a full word out of its two seperate syllables, and who cares about that silly argument anymore?

girl: but how could u sleep with my mom? after all we have been through and blahblahblah
guy: whatev
girl: er...FUCK ME NOW!

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But whatever - what is it?

The answer to everything.

Girl: Wanna go catch a movie?
Guy: Sure, whatever

Clerk: Hey, you gotta pay for that!
Kid: Whatever dude.

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What does "but whatever" mean?

It has been in the history of mankind to shorten the words that man has been using in their life. Phrases such as "Ha ha ha" have been reduced to "ha ha" and other phrases such as "What is going on" have been reduced to "what's up" and even reduced to the more commonly known one-word phrase "wuzzup". Another example if you will. This statement. "Greetings. How are you doing, dear acquaintance, I am currently relaxing in a state of repose" is reduced to "Yo, wuzzup, homie? I'm chillin". Nevertheless, another word has been the subject of this process of lessening the number of syllables in a word to make speech something more quick and easily done in our ever quickening and increasingly faster society. Thus the birth of the word, whatev, has occured.

whatev - a word that has the meaning of whatever except it is pronunciated with the "ev" slightly lengthened so to give the impression of coolness. This is often used in a light manner, often in cases where the person uttering the phrase doesn't care much or pretends not to care.

Person 1: Well, it looks like we are gonna die...
Person 2: Whatev...

Person 1: Oh snap! We have a test today...and a lab due Thursday!!!
Person 2: Whatev...

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But whatever - what does it mean?

"i don't give a shit", and "fuck you", especially when sent as a txt message


"that's bull"

jimmy to carol via txt: "hey did you hear a.b the gig my band is playing this friday?"
carol: "whatever"

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But whatever - meaning

Or Whatever: Two words tacked on, often needlessly, to the end of a sentence when you feel you need to say something more/the sentence you just spoke was rather idiotic, but can't think of anything off the top of your head to say.

Hey, your jacket is, like, really pink or whatever.

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But whatever - definition

Used in an argument to admit that you are wrong without admitting it so the argument is over.

Man, whatever.

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But whatever - slang

whatever, but for cool people

Tom Cruise: "You are such a whore"

Queen of England: "Whatevs"

Tom = Pwned

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But whatever

Indifference to what a person is saying! Who cares!;Get a Life!

Sam: I am the best in Math because I keep getting straight


Greg: Whatever!

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But whatever

its all good. i dont give a shit. anything goes. ok.

you want to bang that bitch dont you ? whatever is whatever.

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But whatever

Basically a cooler way of saying "whatever". Usually used in reply when you REALLY dont care about the subject or topic.

Rob-"hey mike, that bitch said he dont like you"
mike-"whatever whatever then fool, ill fuck him up."

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