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What is bunnings?

It's where most people keep their parm, so it won't get stale and dried out.

I went to the loaf store to buy some parm, because I noticed my Bun Buns was empty. At my house, you can never have enough Parm in your Bun Buns.

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bunnings - meme gif

bunnings meme gif

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Bunnings - what is it?

someone who will eat your soul and shit out your mom

Look its Bun Bun run for your life

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What does "bunnings" mean?

see sluggy or visit

Time to Die, Nerd-Boy KA-CLICK

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Bunnings - what does it mean?

A main character in the webcomic "Sluggy Freelance"
He's a little white mini-lop with the attitude of a homicidal gangster. Favorite weapon is a switch-blade but also has a gun (where all this is stashed in anyones guess)

He don't take no shit and will cut you like a bitch at the drop of a hat

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Bunnings - meaning

n. A switchblade-wielding mini-lop rabbit who features prominently in the webcomic Sluggy Freelance. As of 12-7-2003, Bun-bun is reluctantly serving as the Easter Bunny.

"Bun-bun: Time to die, Nerd-Boy!"

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Bunnings - definition

N. A bun bun is a peculiar critter with many idiosyncrasies. Generally female, Bun Bun's roam the wild generally carrying around large purses, and not wearing pants. Though being creatures with abnormally disproportionate heads, they are swayed and ruled by the demands and edicts of they tummys. After eating a meal, Bun Bun's generally convene again at the dinner table to partake a second meal of fruit. Despite all this they maintain a perfect figure. Bun Buns in their natural habit are suberb fashionistas, they work like elves with little sewing machines even though there may be huge opportunity costs involved such as lack of sleep or loss of weight. They are known to sleep in other peoples cars and are easily spooked by popping balloons. Wild Bun Buns are commonly seen wandering downtown, lost with no sense of direction, however more cultivated Bun Buns easily navigate the labyrinth streets of the city. For sustenance, Bun Buns are seen scurrying to and from Starbucks, which they peculiarly call buckstar. If one ever encounters a Bun Bun, domesticated or wild, proceed with caution

Its a wild BUN BUN in her natural habitat, Best not disturb her while she sleeps.

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Bunnings - slang

Someone cute, adorable and amazingly sexy.


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Another word for bunny, or bunny rabbit.

I really like that photo of your bun bun!

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A sweet significant other, one you like to squeeze and kiss. Something you call your boo.

My bunbun gave me a piece of pie today <3 <3

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word for a tool of large magnitude
as bunnings is a hardware store with many tools inside it suggests that the particular person is greater than a single tool but in fact an entire warehouse full of a variety of tools

that guy with the trucker hat is such a bunnings

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