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What is bullied?

an ugly worthless coward who picks on other people

Stop being a bully you ugly coward!

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Bullied - what is it?

A person who makes fun of others based on their own insecurities about life.

Man that big ugly bully makes fun of all of the smaller ugly people.

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What does "bullied" mean?

That one asshole at your school who in elementary school is a total douche who picks on you but when you get to middle school you let out all your rage after working out all summer and beat the living shit out of him

Elementary school bully: (steals stuff from your backpack) haha try to get it back
Elementary school you: Hey man we can work it out (later trades his lunch for the thing

Middle school bully: (steals stuff from your backpack) haha try to get it back
Middle school you: I WILL FUCKING KICK YOUR BALLS UP YOR THROAT (bully hands back stuff but you do it anyway

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Bullied - what does it mean?

Bullies are scum, pure and simple. They torment people who can't defend themselves, they revel in the suffering of innocent people who have never done anything to hurt them. They are the REAL reason for the Columbine shootings, they are the main reason for kids dropping out of school, or worse, commiting suicide. It's not just kids who can be bullies, teachers can be even worse, seing as how they have authority over the kids. But when their victims stand up for themselves, their true nature shows: a cowardly, spineless worm.

Bullying is a problem, a much bigger problem than violent video games.

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Bullied - meaning

A young hoodlum who revels in making peoples lives a misery during school years. Happily though, when they grow up they will have nothing more to look forward to than getting anally penetrated every day by fellow prisoners in the shower, or, by the prison wardens truncheon ;D

Bully me all you like loser, you're the one who will walk like John Wayne the rest of your life :D

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Bullied - definition

Somebody who hurts others either physically, mentally or emotionally. They can ruin a persons life, just to make themselves feel better

Josephine bullies Kate in English and Religion by saying shes stupid. She's a bully and makes Kate cry.

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Bullied - slang

A mean person who hurts you in anyway frequently. Where I come from, I was bullied until I got to be in 6th grade. Just typing this up is bringing back terrible memories. There was one time where the group of bullies caught me and one of them kicked me in the shin. A bully might also chase you and cause you to lose 10-20 pounds in one school year. . In high school, I've never been bullied so far since I just started. There's this one guy who teases me a little, but he's cool. In some high schools, bullying gets so bad that teens take their own lives. It's gotten to be so bad that everyday that parents have to bury their beloved sons and daughters unexpectedly. If you say something or do something to hurt someone's feelings, you're a bully. If you victim takes his or her life, you're not just a bully, you're a murderer. Now that you've read this, I hope you change and say sorry to someone you've hurt, because that person's life could be hanging by a thread. There may not be any physical scars, but there's scars that are in the mind that'll never disappear. Please be nice to everybody, even if you don't like them, because you might just save a life. Teen suicide rates are at an all time high, but I want them to be at an all time low. If you're a victim of bullying, say something, because bullying is a crime, and you're the victim. If it doesn't stop, tell the police. If somebody physically hits you, you kick their ass.

Stop being a bully.

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To be aggressive or rude to another person.

Why are you so bulliful all the time, Kyle?

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word used when someone very aggressively tells another person to do something and the person does it without hessitating because of fear

James: "get the fuck out my way bitch!"
Amy:(moves very quickly out of james's way)
James: (james would them reply) "bullied!"

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1. adj. subjected to bullying.

2. v. past tense of bully.

We say that someone is bullied because someone else bullied him.

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