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What is bubbles?

A funky girl who rides the school bus. Normally a black girl with the face of a horse, small breasts and a speech impetement. The girl might also stink of moldy cheese and have some sort of poorly constructed weave.

Bubbles: "Hi ALEX!!!"
(Under his breathe: "skanky black girl")

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Bubbles - what is it?

This term could be synonymous with word booty. It is a very round ample, and supple buttocks: each cheek is a bubble. Lately, I have been using this term on a regular basis.

My girlfriend has two soft bubbles. I will squeeze her bubbles allllllll weekend long.

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What does "bubbles" mean?

the act of absolutely loving something you go "ape-shit" over it.

derived from Paul Rudd's line from the movie Knocked Up when his character was having a conversation with Ben (played by Seth Rogan) about how much his kids love bubbles.

Ben: "They seem to love bubbles."

Pete: "Oh, god, they go ape shit over bubbles."

Ben: "They're really going ape shit."

Pete: "I mean, that's an incredible thing about a child. I mean, what's so great about bubbles?"

Ben: "They float. You can pop them. I mean, I get it. I get it."

Pete: "I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles."

Your friend shut herself in for 3 days to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows? She must go bubbles over that Harry Potter stuff!

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Bubbles - what does it mean?

it means, trainer, shoe.

" I got some new bubbles today blad ".

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Bubbles - meaning

Smoke that is released in a burp after you are done smoking pot

Dude, I accidentally blew bubbles in front of my mom and she freaked!

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Bubbles - definition

a drug from scotland mostly, consisting of plant feeder and other unknown substances. popular with teenagers, on average, £5 a pop. also known as, m-kats, meows, etc.

'here, you getting on it tonight?'

'aye, i'll phone gav for the bubbles.'

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Bubbles - slang

bubbles, a nickname for someone who’s smart but also really mean and annoying. a bubbles will never give you answers for homework, instead they’ll call you a bully or step on your shoes, but when bubbles tells you to stop calling them bubbles, don’t stop because they secretly like it.

person 1: bubbles would look cute with cuddles (another nickname)
person 2: yea i ship cubbles
person 3: yea #cubbles4life

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little kid word for ball sack. my brother may have coined this term.

"Mom, Lindsey kicked me in the bubbles!!"

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street name for methedrone - a legal high which, when snorted up the beak or dropped will cause intense euphoria for around half an hour. Ecstasy-like high.

"Those bubbles get you fleeing like."
"Got any bubbles mate?"

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A character on the wildly popular Canadian mockumentary "Trailer Park Boys", Bubbles is played by Mike Smith (formerly of the rock band Sandbox). He sports coke bottle glasses and a perpetual Down Syndrome-esque visage, repairs shopping carts for a living and loves his kitties.

"Is he... crazy?"
"Who, Bubbles? No, he's the sharpest guy in the park."

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