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What is brothers?

1. a male sibling.

2. a make friend that treats and loves you like a sibling.

I have 2 brothers, one is 9 and the other is 16.

My friend is more like a brother; he's always there for me and listens to me whenever I need him.

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Brothers - what is it?

a term used by women to say they want to be friends with you, but nothing more. If your girl says this it meens you don't and will never have a shot with her unless you man up and take a stand.

I just see you as a brother.

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What does "brothers" mean?

This could be possibly one of the worst things a girl can say to a boy. At this point in your relationship with a girl, there is virtually no hope of you getting with her as a potential lover. You have just unknowingly taken the path of brotherhood and left behind the path of lovers. To all boys, be weary of your relationship with a girl before you end up in "brother territory".

jack: hey bro, I've been talking to Jill for a while now and tomorrow's her birthday. I think I have a shot at being her boyfriend!
mack: Watch out man.... I don't want you to end up as her brother
jack: WHAT? Oh shit... Whatever, she knows what's up

---------------next day-----------------------------------------
(Jack and Jill are alone together)

jack: Hey jill! I got you something. (pulls out present)
jack: *smiles* Jill, will you go ou....
jack: ....
jill: you were saying something?
jack: nope....

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Brothers - what does it mean?

A guy who is closely related to you, who pisses you off, be it older or younger. Brothers may lurk around your room or even threaten to kill you. Many cases have shown that brothers are douchebags.

You: Hello, brother! How is this fine day?
Brother: Go fuck yourself.
You: .. wh- what?
Brother: I'm going to slit your throat.
You: No you're not

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Brothers - meaning

An annoyiong little shit that never seems to go away and kind of smells funny.

My brother is fifteen.

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Brothers - definition

what hulk hogan usually says after a sentence

you betta believe it, brother.
thats right brother.

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Brothers - slang

A male sibling that gives you advice not to show how wise he is but to point you in the right direction, for your sake; one who shares many memories that bring them close to you; the one that shares shows, bands, movies, family, and other interests with you; the person that makes fun of you without it hurting your feelings; the definition of fun and love; one who gives and seeks advice; the one who tells you like it is; the role model; the one who knows how to make you laugh; the one that treats you like you are and nothing more, and nothing less so that you know of your importance, but are humble as well; the one you are most like; someone that generates tears when gone; no matter where you are in the world, you both are still close

I love my brother.

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mum loves me more

hey brother, mum loves me more then you you fat turd

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a person whom you are related to. sometimes a role model. sometimes an ass. sometimes a friend. a person who you are stuck being related to until the day you die through good or bad

my brother is a good guy.

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members of a particular racial or ethnic group especially African-Americans

All the brothers are getting together for a party Friday night

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