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What is broken?

A violent short film made by a master of music, Trent Reznor.

Broken made me feel sick to my stomach! I can't believe they cut that guy's dick off! Ewww, cooties!

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Broken - what is it?

Term used in Card Games that signifies an extremely good card.

That card is broken, everyone better be using it.

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What does "broken" mean?

Term for a woman being her period.

"you getting laid tonight?"
"nah, she's broken."

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Broken - what does it mean?

When referring to a pet cat or dog that's been "fixed", they're actually broken. I mean, think about it...when a pet has its cunt cut out or has its nads chopped off, it is no longer capable of doing something that it was rather easily able to before -- that is, make kittens or puppies!

Yeah, Nikki has been broken; she got spayed approx. nine years ago and can no longer have little baby kitties.

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Broken - meaning

In fighting games: Characters that are unbalanced to the point where anyone lower becomes unusuable.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Magneto, Storm, Sentinel, Cable aka the 4 Gods.

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Broken - definition

1. unable to function
2. shattered into pieces
3. unauthorized entrance
4. a word that has become a cliche in music

1. viagra, a cure for the broken
2. Emoboy: my life is broken!! (after chipping his nail)
3. poll:would you rather have your house broken into than watch another nick & jessica prime time special?!
results: getting broken into wins hands down
4.a:can you help me find the song with the word broken, it sounds pretty good?
b:uh...which of the 9.9x10^99999999 songs are u talking about

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Broken - slang

When someone you thought loved you the way you loved them, leaves you hanging in the dark and makes you feel like a complete fool for trusting that person. And in the end, they just did it to make another person jealous.

I feel as though my heart was broken.

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Originally used in card games to designate a card or mechanic which is overly powerful. May also be used to describe something as "too good"

That Academy combo is fucking broken.

That is just plain broken dude.

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1. Not in full working order.
2. fucked rooted
3. Mentally unfit - Usually from emotional scars left by ex's.

1. It seems to be broken.
2. Its fucking broken man!
3. She's broken.

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1. (General) Something/Someone that is so good in a particular context that it eclipses saecond place.

2. (Games) A game object or facility that is too good to exist. It is so powerful that it is unbalancing and hence breaks the game. Every winning player has to use this to be competitive.

Entymology: The power cards from Magic The Gathering (Black Lotus, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, all Moxen, etc) were so powerful and unbalancing that they were eventually banned from tournament play because they BROKE the game.

Bobby Fisher is a completely broken chess player.

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